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  1. Greetings, my name is Hamdy Salman, a PhD student in the industrial engineering department at the university of Pittsburgh. I am looking at the literature of retail\community pharmacy simulation and I have found nothing, all pharmacy simulations seem to be done on outpatient\inpatient hospital pharmacies. does anyone know of a paper published about community pharmacy simulation. thank you.
  2. hi, I ve been having a problem lately between the experimentation window and facility window. I explained my problem in a previous post and attached the model but I guess my model is too messy to be followed easily (expecially since I dont have labels explaining everything thing). my main question here in this post is: what could make the results change significantly in the experimentation window. and what doesnt that experimentation window takes into into consideration?
  3. hi, I am working on a simio model for a pharmacy and I have a huge inconsistent results between the experimentation window and animated facility window. according to my calculation the pharmacy should handle all the work for a set of parameters which exactly what happens in the facility window but when I use the same set of parameters in the experimentation window the pharmacy explodes and cant finish half of the work load. I tried experimenting with one replication vs multiple replications, with and without warm up periods, yet still I got the same problem. I appreciate any help and thank you in advanced. I uploaded the model that I am working on, Its very Missy though. hope it helps to capture the problem. I am using the version 7.119.12241 Model 1 V29- new utilization.spfx
  4. greetings everyone, Currently I am working on a simulation for my research and I am considering different staff schedules I would like to be able to have overlapping schedules for my workers and would like to be able to change the number of workers working in different time periods. for example, I would like to add 2 extra workers in busy period. is there a built in Simio feature that can help. Thank you very much
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