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  1. Hello Interested users can watch these two videos as well. Part 1 Calling MATLAB from SIMIO : Part 2 Calling SIMIO from MATLAB : Thanks Mohammad Dehghani
  2. md327170

    Integrating Simio and Matlab

    Hello Interested users can watch these two videos as well. Part 1 Calling MATLAB from SIMIO : Part 2 Calling SIMIO from MATLAB : Thanks Mohammad Dehghani
  3. Hello Contact me at m.dehghani@neu.edu.., I can fix it for you. It could be because you are using different version of SIMIO.
  4. md327170

    Interfacing MATLAB and Simio

    Hello Please check this post. It shows you how to integrate Matlab and Simio http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=2185 Thanks -Mohammad
  5. md327170

    Simio and ILOG?

    Hello Steve Please check this post http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=2185 Thanks -Mohammad
  6. Integrating Simio with Matlab would help you to run optimization algorithms within the simulation run. The provided documents present how to add a step instance named "CallMatlab" to Simio Process environment. Thanks Mohammad Dehghani m.dehghani@neu.edu.... Simio and Matlab.zip
  7. md327170

    Experimental API

    Can you explain how we can add this API to Simio?
  8. md327170

    How to pile up after Processing

    Hello Thanks Dan, it was very helpful I used my own methods, so I defined to Stats: Input and Output, and assigned two add-on process for server 2 once an entitiy enters the serves 2, I increment the input, and by exiting I increment the Output the Evaluating Transport Request Process added to worker which checks 2 things 1st: When Input=output , which means there is no entity in server 2 2nd: Output@Server1.RidePickupQueue.NumberWaiting<5 which means Worker to reject ride requests unless there are 5 parts waiting See the attached file Thanks. Pile up after Processing.spfx
  9. md327170

    Problem with the seize of a vehicle

    Hello I also have the same problem, who can answer this question? Thanks
  10. md327170

    Schedule and Fire Events...Choose Route

    Hello would you please provide more details about these files? Thanks
  11. md327170

    tutorial for API

    I checked the entire website and I couldn't find any step-by-step and simple tutorial for simio's API I have lack of understating how can I create/develop and add an API and synchronize it with simio. is there any clear tutorial for that? I know simio provided "reference guide" but I its very complicated for me. your Sample>UserExtension are also vague for me, there is no description along with them Is there any video or step by step tutorial for API? I think one video which clarifies how can I start from scratch would help. Thanks