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  1. That was very helpful, thanks a lot.
  2. Hello Steve Please check this post http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=2185 Thanks -Mohammad
  3. Hello Thanks Dan, it was very helpful I used my own methods, so I defined to Stats: Input and Output, and assigned two add-on process for server 2 once an entitiy enters the serves 2, I increment the input, and by exiting I increment the Output the Evaluating Transport Request Process added to worker which checks 2 things 1st: When Input=output , which means there is no entity in server 2 2nd: Output@Server1.RidePickupQueue.NumberWaiting<5 which means Worker to reject ride requests unless there are 5 parts waiting See the attached file Thanks. Pile up after Processing.spfx
  4. Hello I also have the same problem, who can answer this question? Thanks
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