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  1. Hi Glen,

    We have been using the Crane Library of early 2013 in our model and it worked fine until all of a sudden we received this message:

    Requesting seize of resource(s) in behalf of owner 'Crane7[1]'.

    Object 'Crane7[1]' seized '1' capacity unit(s) of resource 'Crane6[1]'.

    Issue 1: Crane 6 then also stalled and did not transport any entities for the remainder of the simulation.

    We tried the Cranes V5 library and now we get the following issues too:

    Issue 2: Home node property was not specified. This seems to be an issue before run time. All the Cranes' home nodes are specified in the model. See screenshot.Crane_HomeNode.thumb.JPG.6bb4420df17fe1308c8fc424873c006a.JPG


    Issue 3: Inside the Crane process "MoveCraneToNode", the "OwnsCrossAisleZone" step throws an error as per the 2nd screenshot. Crane_OwnsCrossAisle.JPG.450c20ef54b0c692a496e413d2b3cd14.JPG


    We didn't have these issues in the older library. Do you have any idea what could be causing any of these 3 errors?



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