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  1. Hi Glen, We have been using the Crane Library of early 2013 in our model and it worked fine until all of a sudden we received this message: Requesting seize of resource(s) in behalf of owner 'Crane7[1]'. Object 'Crane7[1]' seized '1' capacity unit(s) of resource 'Crane6[1]'. Issue 1: Crane 6 then also stalled and did not transport any entities for the remainder of the simulation. We tried the Cranes V5 library and now we get the following issues too: Issue 2: Home node property was not specified. This seems to be an issue before run time. All the Cranes' home nodes are specified in the model. See screenshot. Issue 3: Inside the Crane process "MoveCraneToNode", the "OwnsCrossAisleZone" step throws an error as per the 2nd screenshot. We didn't have these issues in the older library. Do you have any idea what could be causing any of these 3 errors? Regards, Quintin
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