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  1. I tried my previous idea but it appears after the condition has been met, it finds that the transporter is "OffShiftTransporting" and somehow never progresses to either "OffShift" or eventually back to "OnShift" so all workers essentially stop working.
  2. So, I wanted to keep schedules to keep the model as user-friendly as possible, but what I did was put in an extra decide block into the OnCapacityChanged process that asked if the visitrequestqueue and ridestation is empty. If it is not, (I didn't really want to do this but thought of no other way yet) I delay the token for a couple minutes and recheck. As soon as the visitrequestqueue and ridestation is empty or a threshold total time is met, I let the token turn off the vehicle. As far as computation time goes, the loop can only happen 4 or 5 times each process execution and if conditions aren't met, it won't happen at all.
  3. I would like the worker to attempt to go off-shift according to a specific schedule, but before it can truly go off-shift, I would like it to empty its entire visitrequestqueue. Currently, I believe SIMIO built-in logic will require it to finish its current delivery, but not all outstanding deliveries.
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