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  1. Ok, Thank you. I'll send the model on to the support email...........Dave
  2. Sorry should have mentioned, I'm using entity type AssociatedObject in the Transfer step.
  3. Ok thanks. What I would like the search to do is match the entity's property 'orderlineID' to those in the station or queue. The entity is called 'puck'. The objective of this part of the model is to fulfil orders of 6 pucks by Transferring them from various locations once the order ID's have been found - it's a collation device really. I've used the following for the match and it seems to work sometimes: Puck.OrderLineID==Candidate.Puck.OrderlineID which I'm hoping is correct. I'd be grateful if you could take a look at the attached to see if I've used the step properly and the syntax looks right. ...........Dave
  4. Hi All I have a recurring problem that I don't seem to be able to get to the bottom of. I think it revolves around the creation of a second token in the Search Step when found. I have a situation where I need to search multiple queues and depending on the outcome, transfer an entity from one queue to another queue. Irritatingly, the error is intermittent as the process will work sometimes but not for others. I'm guessing there is some kind of Race condition occurring but my understanding of Tokens is still a work in progress! I have been wrestling with this error for a while now and would greatly appreciate any advice. I have attached as much info as possible which hopefully explains the issue. Thanks............Dave
  5. Excellent, Thank you! Really appreciate your help.
  6. Hi again - One last question.... Is it possible to use the find step to search a variable array for more than one value? I can see how it is possible to search forwards and backwards, so possibly finding two matching values but am stumped when it is >2. Again any help or advice much appreciated. Thanks..........Dave
  7. Thank you - fixed. Have re-jigged the logic so that nothing crucial happens with the original token.
  8. Thanks for the advice and for getting back to me so quickly - I'll try a delay in the original branch
  9. Hi Everyone I seem to be having a problem with a search step with a transfer step following depending on whether a match is found. I'm sure this is due top my lack of understanding of tokens - apologies, I'm pretty new to Simio! As I understand it, the Search step creates a new token when the match criteria is found but retains the original token which continues through the process. I think the original token is causing the problem. I guess my question is; is there a way to suppress the original token (or destroy it) once the new token is play? I believe the original is trying to initiate an unwanted transfer step which is clashing with the wanted step, resulting in a runtime error. I've attached the error message which may help. Any help, advice or direction to texts explaining tokens would be very much appreciated. .......Dave
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