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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for all the comments/suggestions. unfortunately, i'm still a bit confused. i'm not understanding why my entites are not going to the family lounge after i've put in selection weights. they keep just going the node list route. i understand the concept you posted stating the node list just tells the entity where to go whereas the selection weight tells the entity how. i've created a diagram showing how my model is set-up. can you please look at the diagram and let me know if something stands out as incorrect. Basically what the diagram shows is: an entity enters
  2. Hi Dave, thanks again for your help. so, i did some test runs on another model to try and figure out where i went wrong with mine, and think i found the problem. basically, i had set-up a node list to direct the entities, which was also the path i assigned a selection weight to. so, when i gave the paths selection weights, i think the node list would over ride the selection weight. but now my problem is that when i remove the node list, the entity randomly goes into any room and i need the entity to go in a specific order...hence why i had the node list set-up. is there a
  3. Hi Dave, thanks for the response. i've read up on using selection weights. i notice from the sim bit model the selection weights are used on the paths from the source to server. will using selection weights work if the path is from server to server? i've allocated selection weights to my paths, using the "ServerX.Capacity.Allocated "ServerX.Capacity.Allocated == ServerX.Capacity" from server to server, but it doesn't seem to be working... is the issue having selection weight on a path that is from server to server??
  4. hello again. i currently have my visitor entity arriving from a source at "random.triangular (1,2,4)" they are to go to a check-in desk, and once they've been processed at the check-in desk they are to go into the patient room. However, when 3 or 4 visitors show up at the same time i only want up to 2 to go into the patient room and the remainder to be transferred to the family lounge. how can i implement this process? i've attached a word document showing what i'd like to accomplish. Please let me know, thanks a bunch! entity to family lounge.docx
  5. hi mark, thanks. after playing around with it, what i ended up doing for now is make a node list and assigning the entity to go through the list in "preferred order". for visualization purposes this for now works, but i'm sure i'll have to tweak it a bit more to correctly simulate a visitor visiting a patient...
  6. Hello Simions i'm trying to simulate an ICU room. attached is my small intensive care unit. it consists of: 3 rooms (each room has 2 servers, which are a bed and couch) 1 waiting room (the waiting room has 1 server, which is a chair) 1 reception desk (desk has one server, which is a computer) on the left side of the model enters the visitors (model entity). on the right side of the model enters the patients on stretchers (model entity) my question is: how do i assign the visitor entity to go to a room that has a patient? i want the visitor to go to the couch
  7. thank you. yes, i realized i had the "que's" turned off thanks for the reply
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for your help unfortunately, Asagan, i couldn't open up your file. when trying to open the file it states that it may have been created using a newer version. but what i ended up doing, after watching the animation tutorial, was use command "add additional symbol" and downloaded a symbol from 3d warehouse that has a patient lying in the bed. this way when the bed is not occupied it shows the standard simio bed symbol, which is the empy bed, that is in the pull down menu, but once a patient is being processed at the bed it goes to the 2nd symbol which shows a patient
  9. Hi, i have version 5.9, and for some reason my input buffer, output buffer and processing lines go away or are hidden. when i say lines i'm referring to when you bring in a server it automoatically has the output buffer line that you can move around, etc. is there a way to turn this on and off? maybe i turned them off somehow. or maybe it's hidden under the floor plan i imported? anyway for me to bring those lines up to front if they are indeed under the floor plan? any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  10. hi all thanks for the suggestions. the above wont work in my case because i'm doing a simulation of the patient arriving on a stretcher. so, i can't use an animated male/woman walking as the patient would be an ICU patient arriving on a bed or stretcher. So, basically i have an entity (patient on bed) that arrives at a patient room to a server that is alredy in the room. the server is the standard hospital bed from the pull down menu. i want to show the patient lying down on the (server bed) while being processed then when done the entity, symbolized by the patient on stretcher, leaves
  11. Hi everyone, i'm working on a model similar to the emergency room sample provided by simio. my question is: they show a patient (entity) walking to the bed (server) and when it gets to the bed the entity (patient) changes from walking to lying down on the bed. How is that done? i'm looking around and can't figure out what setting i need to change to make this happen on my model. i have simio version 5.91.10320 (32 bit). any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks a bunch!
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