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    Static Variables

    Please re-consider adding static* variables. This is something almost every project I work on would benefit from. For example, in my current project, I want to track items across ALL exam rooms. Right now, I have to put those global variables at the main level. It would be much cleaner and easier if I had static variables to allow me to keep these items within the ExamRoom class. *By static, I am referring to the OOP concept of a variable shared across all instances of a class. Not static in the sense that properties do not change during the course of the run.
  2. Any time there is an original branch other other branches (created, found, removed). I would like to see the option of how the original token waits. Right now, the original token waits until the child tokens hit a step that causes a delay. I think it would be cleaner to just have the options of: 1) Original continues immediately (goes before anything on found - can currently be tricked into doing this by epsilon delay) 2) Original continues after all child tokens exit the process (i.e., original will wait on those delay steps) 3) Original continues when child hits first delay #2 is of most interest to me, because I find myself having to add counters and fire/wait/decide steps to make this happen. It would be much cleaner if it were just an option SIMIO had.
  3. GreerAmy

    Storage - Remove Step - Remove All

    Please consider this. It would save the step of having to do a search immediately followed by a remove. Since search defaults to just return 1, it is a common mistake to initially forget to set this to infinity. If Remove had a "remove all" option, this potential error is eliminated.
  4. GreerAmy

    Process input arguments as optional

    Yes. I am having additional issues with non-optional arguments.
  5. GreerAmy

    Excel binary format (XLSB)

    This is something that interests me because the file size (and time to open) of an XLSB is significantly lower than xlsx. This makes a big difference for our clients that have large files. XLSB is binary, as was the XLS format, which is supported. Since XLS is supported, I am hoping that XLSB can be as well.
  6. GreerAmy

    Documentation - Description fields

    Please consider bumping this up your to-do list. We have some processes that need to be well documenting, and while typing in the box, we can't see what we have typed! It is nice the the process window wraps the description once you hit enter, but if the description box for processes could be set up like the description box for steps, that would be great.
  7. This is interesting. When I read the first post, my thought was exactly the same as Dave's - use a token. After hearing the explanation, I completely understand what you are referring to. I have had to do some process logic acrobatics at times to deal with the fact that I have multiple tokens within a process. I can usually find a way around it, but a process level variable would be nice.
  8. GreerAmy

    Pass in String List

    Please add the ability to pass in a string list property. Not the select from list feature that currently exists under standard property, but passing in an object reference to the list itself.
  9. I would like to see better interaction with Excel, as opposed to trying to bring Excel features into Simio. Examples of improvements we need are: 1) ability to bind to a property, so that in experiments, we can vary the files we are pointing at. We don't want to vary the tables, but the files we pull from on automatic upload. Pointing to a different table would require us to set up a table for each file we want to bind to. 2) Ability to make all Manual or Automatic with a single keyboard shortcut or menu to select & do a mass change. I often want to develop in manual, but then change to automatic once ready for final testing & delivery. On a model with several files, it is a pain to go through each table and change the setting. 3) Improve binding speed. We have 1 model with approximately 30 tables bound to the same Excel file, which has several sheets/tables. Apparently Simio is opening & closing this file 30 times (one for each table), instead of just recognizing that it needs the same file. This is causing our model init time to be about 3 minutes, where if Simio were to only open/close Excel once, we think we could get it down to a few seconds. 4) Ability to automatically output tables on model end, the same way we have an automatic import on model start. This is near & dear to my heart. I am sure I can think of some more. I am glad you guys are looking into this. Amy
  10. GreerAmy

    Monitor for String Type Variables

    Along those lines, monitoring a expression for changes would also be extremely helpful.
  11. I would like to see array lists as a data type option. Similar issue.
  12. I had a few thoughts on the multi-phase server. 1) This is executing tasks sequentially. What about the cases where there are some tasks in parallel. For example, you go into a server and 4 tasks are done in parallel, once all 4 are complete, you start the next 3 in sequence, followed by the last 4 in parallel. 2) Each task can require an additional resource. How would we structure this to require multiple resources for some tasks, while only requiring 1 or none for others? For example, in healthcare, once you are in the room, maybe you need: - nurse - nurse & doctor - doctor only - nurse & doctor - nurse only Could you utilize lists to pass in these multi-requirement tasks? What about tasks that could be serviced by one of many resource types, could we somehow utilize lists again for that behavior? Looping through a table to execute sequential delays is not very cumbersome if I need to do it on a project, so I don't see alot of gain with this multi-server. The development time gain is minimal, and there is a cost of adding another layer of complexity to the server object. However, if you address the above complexities, then I could see this multi-task server being powerful in reducing development time on some projects. Regardless of whether this makes it into a future release as a standard, can we please take advantage of the ability to pass arguments to create smaller, more readable processes in the Simio objects. Some of the processes on Simio objects can get so large, it is hard to modify them when we have a legitimate need to sub-process. Everything in red after the decide block on this candidate server could be put in another process called "ExecuteServerTasks" That alone would minimize the "complexity add" to the server object. Thanks
  13. Could Remove All be added to the list of options for the Remove step?
  14. GreerAmy

    Excel Ranges and Simio Tables

    Thanks Dave. However, it seems like this would require setting up a data table for each possible Excel file I might want to use? Is that correct? If our user has a dozen potential input files, then we would have to set up a dozen data tables, and just have the model vary which table it looked at? We were thinking more in terms of 1 data table within Simio, with binding set to Automatic, and the bind path relying on a property. Some of our clients might not even know all the files they would eventually want to bind to, but in an ideal world, we could just tell them that as long as it followed the correct format, they could just set the file name as a property.
  15. GreerAmy

    Excel Ranges and Simio Tables

    Yes, I would also like to see a better way to re-bind files. Ideally, I would like to be able to set the file name to a string property, this way, within experiments we can run scenarios that reference various data tables. This would be extremely helpful for models with multiple source files - i.e., ChristmasProductMix, SpringProductMix, etc.