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  1. sldbtc

    Failure event

    any help with this? Has not been able to find the fault
  2. sldbtc

    Failure event

    Thank you very much for your answer. I tried another way but still have a problem but in the end I do not understand because I passed. I first wanted to comment that seemed weird to occupy the variable "Vehicle.RideStation.Contents" but this does not unfold in the expression builder, I had limited myself to expressions giving the builder being who knew all these properties objects. Now to the problem... there are 5 SINK, when one enters mantencion (capacity 0), I have the car I reevaluate your destination and the entity that carries. en el ROUTE_1 reevaluo la ruta y el destino del vehiculo , este punto funciona segun se ve en el trace , luego en el ROUTE_4 reevalue el destino y ruta del la entidad que lleva el vehiculo. Pero en el ROUTE 4 , el cual deberia dar el mismo resultado que el ROUTE_1 este se queda en la condicion "Waiting in Routing Group 1". the second option SET NODE try following the example they give me, but equally according to the trace both setean well but left in a deadlock. Under the two examples if I can tell which is the right way and you fail? In theory both should get the same result. option 1 option 2 Regards Cristian 1Y.spfx 1YSETNODE.spfx
  3. sldbtc

    Failure event

    I have done a trace of my simulation, I have a problem when reassessed a route. the vehicle makes a new Routing to go to a new node, but to get there no download the entity gives the following message "Transporter 'lhd1 [1]' failed to drop off a rider at node 'Input @ Sink1." not eligible riders to drop off. ". This is apparently because the entity has a routing to another node. How is it possible that when you change the target vehicle also change the object that carries? Regards Cristian
  4. sldbtc

    Simulation of continuous systems

    Thanks for your answer and your example. The example you give me is very good, I was thinking about how to represent a continuous model, but can bring a continuous model to discrete (Similar to happen differential to linear systems equations) I had been wandering around looking for to find the solution in the own objects in Simio properties without thinking that you can edit and add your own functions and properties. Regards Cristian
  5. sldbtc

    Simulation of continuous systems

    I'm looking at you indicate Bookseller me, is very good. But I have not been able to find any example where using equations. you will have your one?.
  6. Hello, I've been doing simulation models in ape lately I've been working with the Flow Library, I doubt if Simio is possible to make the modeling of a continuous system. tools provided by the software in the Library FLow allow discretize a continuous system to model it, but for example it is possible to model the behavior of an entity within a Tank through differential equations? For example you can add to our model the behavior of an element within a tank through equations that define the behavior of a (liquid, solid, gas) within the model element. I think they are highly complex simulations, simulators based on old programming languages ​​one could get to do. Simio is possible to define this behavior in any way?. Regards Cristian.
  7. sldbtc

    Failure event

    regarding this problem I managed to evaluate whether the vehicle to the point you have to go with this ability or not, and by means of step ROUTING achievement to go to a new point. So far so good, the problem is now no point in going to download the entity at that point and falls into a loop. I Attach a file for your Help please. Regards Cristian SIMIO001 (2).spfx
  8. sldbtc

    Failure event

    Thanks for the information which I understand is the problem. Now working on the solution, I'm doing a process that does is check CurrentCapacityTravelers is less than 0, so if I make a SetNode and other sending to the other Sink. Now the problem is that to send to another must evaluate Sink 2 things. -What the closest. - The other is not Sink also less than or equal to 0 capacity. puedohacer this last as a process?, evaluate which is the nearest Sink and who is not capacity = 0. Regards Cristian
  9. sldbtc

    Failure event

    Thank you, I attach a file, I create a process that is triggered with Timer "MantencionPV" and what it does is change the CurrentTravelerCpacity 0. In my model to the Source Selection Goal I defined as the shortest distance, withthe condition that the destination node is greater than its CurrentTravelCapacity 0. if you run the example command until time 2 works fine, the vehicle carries the elements of the soruce Sink gatillarse but when this event gets stuck at that point and what you should do is to continue functioning but not taking into account that CurrentTravelerCapacity Sink with 0. Regards Cristian ejemplo.spfx
  10. sldbtc

    Failure event

    I tried creating a process model to simulate a failure , for this what you realizadoes create a Timer event and a process that does is change the Current Capacity of the Path that connects my Sink with the rest of the model. The problem is I have a Node List where this point, while there is no event of failure in the Sink model runs smoothly , the Vehicle Trasnportes items from Source to the Sink, almomento a fault occur Path 's ability to change 0 as was to do processing, but equally my vehicle gets stuck on waiting Path to go to that Sink , rather than reevaluate and go elsewhere Sink. I tried changing the InputSink CurrentTravelCapacity and CurrentCapacity but equally I feel the same hopes to enter the Vehicle . How can I do to make the Vehicle reevaluate where to go to leave the body ? . the list of nodes containing 5 Sink logic Vehicle is go to the nearest Sink. Please show your support
  11. sldbtc

    Failure event

    I thought working with TIMER type RATE TABLE, in order to generate the probabilistic part, now how can I do for example if I have 5 SINK I can generate a process that simulate a playing capacity of PATH fails, but I do not want to happen to SINK all at once and if I create a process for each SINK the model would not be scalable because failure would have as many processes as SINK in my model.
  12. sldbtc

    Failure event

    Additionally am creating a timer for time to time an event is generated in the SINK, but do not want to occur in all at once, how can I do that without having to create one timer per SINK?
  13. sldbtc

    Failure event

    I was already trying copying the SINK element but has failed me. create a property and a FAIL state to account for failure events but I can not see them from the model, my idea was to show a panel the number of failures. Additionally makes probabilistically make it fail. As data, try to copy editing a vehicle does not allow me to save object because it tells me I have too many objects. The ape license I have is student
  14. sldbtc

    Failure event

    Hello, I am trying program a model , I need to know if is possible programing failure event in a objet SINK and SOURCE. the model has SINK and SOURCE elements and a vehicle, the vehicle is responsible for carrying bodies from the Source points to SINK, vehicles are subject to failure and this in its definition, but I need that SINK is also found 20% of the time fails. there any native method to do so?, with an event I can generate timer events scheduled but I need to SINK probabilistic variable. this change or what process should be carried out in the model or have to copy the object and create a new process?. Not able to find some simbits failure to occupy, if anyone has any examples or know how. Regards Cristian.
  15. sldbtc

    Activation time

    Hello, I have a question about the best way to do something ... I have a mesh of nodes in which half of those nodes is active from the start, and the second is active after 60 min of simulation. The mesh consists of only SOURCE output nodes and there are 2 vehicles to transport the bodies, one of the vehicles is initially activated, the latter should activate after 20 sec. Additionally there SINK to leave institutions. My question is what is the best way to do this. -For the activation of the vehicle create a process which is activated with a triger after a Timer, what the process is to change the speed of the vehicle from 0 to a speed greater than 0. I think a better way that the process might assign the vehicle to transport list to start their business. Additionally, as I can do to make the SOURCE, SINK and PATCH of the second half of the graph is triggered by this event? the idea is that this mesh is much larger and is active each year another section of the mesh, for each year I will have a timer, but how do I activate the timer SOURCE, SINK, and PATH of that section as permitting come into operation a new vehicle. this is the mech the idea that the process associated with TIMER enter the vehicle to transport the list is because other processes associated with the vehicles (eg time to time the vehicle must go to a specific point) and this should apply only to vehicles that are in operation. thanks in advance Cristian