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  1. Hi, I'm learning something more about Simio, especially in customized user extension defined in Java. For example, if I want to define an object with it's own logic or dynamic selection rules. How I can implement this object using Java? Because I did not find any case or example in this issue, so does anyone can help me with it or provide me a very simple sample code? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, My model is a simple source-server-sink one and I want to collect the 'real utilization' of the server which means if the last entity scheduled is destroyed, then calculate the utilization of the server (no matter how long the running length is). Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, When running an experiment with 100 replications, I want to record every entity's created time and destroyed/exited time for each replication. So, if 5 entities created in one run and I do an experiment with 100 replications, there would be 5*2*100=1000 pieces of data in Excel. Is it possible to do that? Thanks so much!