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  1. Unfortunately, we haven't solved the problem yet. Has anybody a useful tip for us?
  2. We startet the replication runner on all clients. Is it necessary to start simio on the clients too?
  3. Hallo, we want to run a one year simulation and tried to use the replication runner. Facts: -Simio Version: 5.91 (acadamic Version) -Replication Runner: 5.91 -Firewall and Antivir disabled -all clients are connected to the same switch -ping between client and server is possible -Advanced Options Replication runner: concurrent Replication Limit ReplicationRunner: true Distrbute Runs: External Every time we start an experimant it is running locally and the clients didnt showed any reaction ( no Error message). We didnt find any usefull information in the simio help. Whats wrong? Best reg, Markus Gragert
  4. Hello ASagan, thank you very much for your hints. We were able to solve the problem with references to an Event Table. So it is possible that every waiting token is able to react to a specific event.
  5. Hallo! We would like to store entites in one Waiting step. Different Entities should react on a own event. In Arena there was the possibility to attach a parameter to an Signal. So we were able to select specific entities in one waiting step. Is there an equivalent in Simio? Best reg. Markus Gragert
  6. mgragert

    Excel Read and Excel Write Steps Example

    Hi, we would like to write the results of mutiple replications in one excel file (row=run.replicationNumber). We tried to change the excel connect and excel write step but we didn't find a solutuion. Do you have any suggestions for us in order to solve this problem? Best reg. Markus Gragert