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  1. Hi, Has there been any progress on this? We are experiencing the exact same issue that Adam noted. Regards, Willem
  2. Hi, It seems your count work to count it amount of times it changes (NumberCashiers). (Also just try adding the 's', and/or just altering the expression of NumberCashier) I would suggest using a state statistic element, that takes Cashier.CurrentCapacity as it state variable. It will give you the average value of Cashier.CurrentCapacity over time. Regards, Willem
  3. Hi, You can use a wait step, waiting for the resource.released (doesn't appear in autocomplete, you have to type it in) A slightly worse method would be to scan the resource state to check when it becomes idle... Regards, Willem
  4. Hi, Try "Math.If(CurrentStation != Nothing, CurrentStation.Contents.IndexOfItem(ParentObject), 0)" Regards, Willem
  5. Hi, Maybe try: TableName[ Math.Ceiling(Random.Uniform(0,TableName.AvailableRowCount) , ColumnNumber ] Regards, Willem
  6. Hi, It is a bit late but: Run.EndingTime - TimeNow Regards, Willem
  7. Good day, We changed the file element to accept a property name, this allows the user to write files from several different sub models at the same time, or write out a different name based on some criteria. The file name is evaluate when the run is initialized. Use the CustomFile, CustomWrite and CustomRead. Code is not added as it is mostly the same as the normal read and write. Regards, SET Team CustomTextFileReadWrite.zip
  8. Hi Johan, There is: DateTime.ToString(TimeNow, "HH:mm yyyy/MM/dd") see NET Standard Date and Time Format Strings https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/0c899ak8(v=vs.110).aspx Or Search Datetime in the help file for more info. Regards, Willem
  9. Hi, Switch to 3D mode by pressing 3, and the hold shift to move objects up and down.
  10. Try the following: Specify the instance of the work, if you have only one: WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB[1])} Reference the model: WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(Model.TransferNode1)} Regards, Willem
  11. Hi J, The following two function might help: StandardWeek.TimeUntilNextValue(TimeNow) - the amount of time before a change in Schedule StandardWeek.TimeOfNextValue(TimeNow) - the duration of the next value in schedule StandardWeek.NextValue(TimeNow) - the next value in the schedule So create a schedule and reference the schedule in your expression builder. Regards, Willem
  12. Hi Marten, You can use the dynamic selection rule on the resource itself.
  13. Good day, I was wondering if there is any university courses or academic programs/Institutions that Simio, or any Simio user would prescribe? Preferably for postgraduate studies. Regards, Willem
  14. willem

    Save Step

    Hi, This might be handy to ensure you save frequently. We place the step on run initialized and it automatically saves the model (given the model is selected). See attached. Copy the extracted "SaveStep.dll" into "C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions". You might need to add the SimioUserExtensions folder under MyDocuments (C:\Users\\Documents) if it does not already exist. Regards, SET Team SaveStep.rar
  15. Hi, All you have to do is create a column in a table which contains the values to be sampled. Then you create a table value input parameter, and link it to the table column. I attached a model for reference. SampleFromTable.spfx
  16. willem

    AutoCAD file

    Hi, Yes, but you can assign multiple simbols to a object... So you are still capable of doing your animation. Just note that the size will remain the same therefore you have to change the size when changing the symbol. Refer to the simio reference guide, search for symbols. This should help you to implement the symbol change... Regards, Willem
  17. Hi Sazzad, You can also just change the replication number...
  18. Hi Sazzad, The model uses the same run stream and stating point for each run, therefore if you only sample one value it will be the same each time (during 1 execution of Simio). If you runs scenarios you will get a different value for each replication. If you sample multiple times you will get a different value each time, see attached model (Sampling every minutes). Hope this helps, Regars random.spfx
  19. Hi, In the on-failed event of the server, Search the contents of the processing queue, in the found step place a release step in order to release the applicable server. Directly after that place a destroy step to delete the entity, otherwise you can transfer it back to the start. Hope this helps...
  20. Hi, It might be that you are creating vehicle objects and the initial population is set to 1, so it automatically creates 1 at the start of the run. Regards, Willem
  21. Hi, I have tried to replicate what you are trying to do, the task sequences are quite powerful,. To automate you can link them to tables( I haven't done this yet, see the "Servers Using Task Sequence With Data Tables Flow Line" simbit!) Everything is controlled through the sequence number: Hope this helps, task sequences are great stuff! TaskSequence.spfx
  22. Hi, Check out the appointment arrivals Simbit. Sorry would have looked at your model, but I cant open models built on academic licences.
  23. Try arrival tables, might be the easiest solution.
  24. Hi, Not sure where you found the property but you can use the split allocation rule. Select a rule that you want and make your link weights equal to a variable weight and you can do basically anything. Hope this helps.
  25. Hi Dirk, There are a number of things that can go wrong if you post the model I will be happy to take a look... Regards, Willem
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