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  1. Hi, Attached are two simple steps: The first allows the user to create a folder within the current directory of the Model, used to organise output files and to allow quick transfer of models. The step also check whether the folder already exist. The second is a step used to resample from a distribution if values fall outside of its minimum and maximum marks (essentially capping a distribution), there is a risk of forming a infinite loop if the distribution never falls within the min and max. It would have been way better to implement such a step as a function in Simio. Regards, Willem CreateFolder&TestDist.zip Code.zip
  2. willem

    File Reference

    Hi, We would like to write to a single file via several objects, is this currently possible? We envisage that it would be possible if it was possible to create a file reference property, any ideas? Regards, Willem
  3. willem

    Getting Access to Design-Time when in Run-Time

    Hi Dan, We would like to create a add-in step to export all properties and tables at the beginning of the run. We want to write out all die inputs/tables to .csv files in in a relative folder to where the model is (i.e. a results folder within the folder that the model is in). I was thing of some kind of combination between the write step and the export add-in. Regards, Willem
  4. willem

    Getting Access to Design-Time when in Run-Time

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the recent responses on the API forum, the API information quality has really been improved. I just changed you model to show what we would like to be able to do. See attached. My wording should have said whilst using the experiment runner. Also do you think there is any chance of being able to run the step without first having to execute the add-in? Maybe through adding an element? Regards Willem ModelAccessDesignExample.spfx
  5. willem

    Getting Access to Design-Time when in Run-Time

    Hi, Is it possible to make it work within the scenario runner as well? We would like adapt the add-in to export the inputs of the model for each scenario/experiment and run, as we often get confused and sometimes spend hours looking for a problem and then find out it was the inputs. The idea would be that for any run at any time, one can first look at whether the inputs was truly correct or not. It would also be beneficial when you revisit an old model that you can see the inputs used to get to a particular result. It is currently possible to manually write out each input, but often there are multiple tables and one can often just forget about adding an important input. Regards, Willem
  6. Hi, Look at the "Task Sequence And Worker In Table (from project Task Sequence And Worker)" Simbit. Regards.
  7. willem

    Waiting for Resource

    Hi, You can use a wait step, waiting for the resource.released (doesn't appear in autocomplete, you have to type it in) A slightly worse method would be to scan the resource state to check when it becomes idle... Regards, Willem
  8. willem

    An Index Question

    Hi, Try "Math.If(CurrentStation != Nothing, CurrentStation.Contents.IndexOfItem(ParentObject), 0)" Regards, Willem
  9. willem


    Hi, It would be useful to have a divide function, currently Math.If(Denominator > 0, Numerator/Denominator, 0). Would be nice to have Math.Divide(Numerator,Denominator,Results if division by Zero) Regards, Willem
  10. Hi, Maybe try: TableName[ Math.Ceiling(Random.Uniform(0,TableName.AvailableRowCount) , ColumnNumber ] Regards, Willem
  11. willem

    Display Countdown Timer

    Hi, It is a bit late but: Run.EndingTime - TimeNow Regards, Willem
  12. willem

    API with Simio v9.158.14862 (32bit) Academic Licence

    Hi Mendi, Please see attached. It is working on mine. CustomTextFileReadWrite.zip
  13. Hi, Look for Import Export Objects using text file in the shared items. It allow you to import multiple objects from a spreadsheet or text file, just note that simio doesn't work with the usual xyz, if i remerber correctly it is xz-y (i.e. y is where z usually is) http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1389 Regards Willem
  14. willem


    Good day, We changed the file element to accept a property name, this allows the user to write files from several different sub models at the same time, or write out a different name based on some criteria. The file name is evaluate when the run is initialized. Use the CustomFile, CustomWrite and CustomRead. Code is not added as it is mostly the same as the normal read and write. Regards, SET Team CustomTextFileReadWrite.zip
  15. willem

    API with Simio v9.158.14862 (32bit) Academic Licence

    Hi, It might be the following: When creating the folder in your documents name it SimioUserExtensions, not just UserExtensions. Regards, Willem