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  1. Hi, Our team at SET did some work and we now have a tool to easily convert Arena Distributions. Feedback is appreciated and we hope his help in the process of moving Arena models to Simio. DistributionsSimioToArena.xlsm
  2. Hi, Was just wondering whether someone has a tool to quickly convert Arena Distributions to Simio? Regards, Willem
  3. Hi Tere, Multiple entities can be in a tank at any given point, you can try the following: FlowContainer.Contents.FirstItem.Entity.Is.Cobre (If there is only one item in the tank) Use a search to search through the flowcontainer (similar to searching a Queue) and the expression would be Candidate.Enitity.Is.Cobre (For Multiple entities in a Tank) If found it contains the entity. Regards, Willem
  4. Hi Tere, We still largely used the manual approach, however we used a lot of subclassed object to make sure a change gets applied to all 8 models. We also made use of the table based autocreate to create the different layouts. We do have 8 separate models and we just copy paste the processes. Essentially we could have had one model but with 8 different sets of bindings, this was also not ideal as we have multiple table and even just selecting all of the different bindings while testing would have been cumbersome. If you find a better way please let us know. Regards, W
  5. Hi Shane, With the process you described it is very possible, I would suggest the engineers as servers and the orders as entities. The scale of your project might however not justify the means, Simio is more than capable, however I would not purchase it just for this application (if you already have it it would be a great project). Regards, Willem
  6. Hi Glen, Would it at all be possible now or in future to import and export processes? We have 8 models that have to use the same processes but have different data tables and layouts. Most of the logic we can place objects but not all, so we have some logic in the main model. Any suggestions on how to do this other than a manual copy paste? Regards, Willem
  7. Hi, Has there been any progress on this? We are experiencing the exact same issue that Adam noted. Regards, Willem
  8. Hi, It seems your count work to count it amount of times it changes (NumberCashiers). (Also just try adding the 's', and/or just altering the expression of NumberCashier) I would suggest using a state statistic element, that takes Cashier.CurrentCapacity as it state variable. It will give you the average value of Cashier.CurrentCapacity over time. Regards, Willem
  9. Hi, You can use a wait step, waiting for the resource.released (doesn't appear in autocomplete, you have to type it in) A slightly worse method would be to scan the resource state to check when it becomes idle... Regards, Willem
  10. Hi, Try "Math.If(CurrentStation != Nothing, CurrentStation.Contents.IndexOfItem(ParentObject), 0)" Regards, Willem
  11. Hi, Maybe try: TableName[ Math.Ceiling(Random.Uniform(0,TableName.AvailableRowCount) , ColumnNumber ] Regards, Willem
  12. Good day, We changed the file element to accept a property name, this allows the user to write files from several different sub models at the same time, or write out a different name based on some criteria. The file name is evaluate when the run is initialized. Use the CustomFile, CustomWrite and CustomRead. Code is not added as it is mostly the same as the normal read and write. Regards, SET Team CustomTextFileReadWrite.zip
  13. Hi Johan, There is: DateTime.ToString(TimeNow, "HH:mm yyyy/MM/dd") see NET Standard Date and Time Format Strings https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/0c899ak8(v=vs.110).aspx Or Search Datetime in the help file for more info. Regards, Willem
  14. Hi J, The following two function might help: StandardWeek.TimeUntilNextValue(TimeNow) - the amount of time before a change in Schedule StandardWeek.TimeOfNextValue(TimeNow) - the duration of the next value in schedule StandardWeek.NextValue(TimeNow) - the next value in the schedule So create a schedule and reference the schedule in your expression builder. Regards, Willem
  15. Hi Marten, You can use the dynamic selection rule on the resource itself.
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