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  1. Thanks Mr.Sturrock. I will verify it and let you know.
  2. I am trying to recreate a train. I have three different sources creating 3 types of vehicles (locomotive1,well cars, locomotive2) based on a schedule. This entities go to a transfer node. Once this vehicles are created and stored in the transfer node, i want to park each one into empty transfer nodes (5 nodes) so i can load them later with my container entities. How can i do this? I cant get the set of 5 entities (locomotive1,3 wells and locomotive 2) to move to the transfer nodes i have placed in the model. Thanks for the help. Juan Carlos.
  3. One question. I am currently trying to create a train and i would like to be able to send vehicles that i am creating in 3 different sources to a specific node. My idea is to create a process in which i can evaluate which node is empty so that the vehicles can travel specifically to the empty nodes. Should i create a property to evaluate if a transfer node is empty or there is something already there? How can i write this expression? Best Regards.
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