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  1. hello,

    could you please explain me how simio calculates the different types of costs for my resources? I have 5 secondary resources which are allocated to diffrent servers. I attached a table with idle and usage cost charged and the different types of costs. I don't understand how the costs are calculated or made up in this case. I think the costs and the times don't fit. Could you please help me? Thanks for helping!

    Best regards



  2. Now I have another problem: I use the ExcelWrite step to store information about the current entity (Name, Time etc.) in a server. The step is triggered by an add-on-process 'processing'. I also want to store the resource which is seized by the entity at this time. My resources are secondary resources in the servers. Which expression do I have to use? I tried to do this with 'ModelEntity.SeizedResource' but I think this isn't right because in the corresponding column there are only '2' in each row.



  3. Hey,

    I want to store informations for each entity in a data table or data sheet. The resulting table should contain a list of all entities and for example the corresponding throughput times. In the ideal case average an maximum values are also given in the table.

    Which posibilities are there in Simio?



  4. Hey,

    I want to store information of each entity in a data table with tally statistics. I looked at the TallyStatisticsInTables-SimBit and implemented all steps in my model. My Tally Step stores the current NumberInSystem of my entities. So I created a data table with one column 'Entities_NumberInSystem' (Type Tally Statistics) and a TallyStatistic named 'EntitiesInSystem' which I referenced in the first row of my data table. The Tally Statistic Name in the Tally Step is set to 'Table1.Entities_NumberInSystem'.

    When I want to simulate my model I always get an error message:

    'Error evaluating the value of property 'Tally Statistic Name'. Invalid data table reference Table 1.'

    Where is the problem? Could you please help me?

  5. Yes that's right! In my Model there are about 10000 entities which get through the process over time. I have 4 resources that can be seized. Each entity should capture one resource to go through the whole process. After that the released resource can be seized by the next entity waiting in the queue. The model imitates a process for managing orders to get a credit. One order can only be processed by the same official until he has finnished and takes the next one.

    PS: I'm German :)

  6. Yes the capacity is 1 in my Testmodel. I only want that the same resource finnishes all process steps for the first entity and then takes the next one and finishes all steps and so on. This would be most suitable for the real situation. The official works on one order until it is finnished and then he takes the next one. In Simio he wokrs on them disordered but he doesn't in reality.

  7. I can follow your thoughts but I don't know how to do it in Simio. If I try do make an add-on process (seize) for the first server and an add-on process (release) for the last server then my resource can't still be secondary resource for all the servers and be seized by each step. So my entity remains on the first server cause the resource is not free to do the second step. It will not be released before the last server (with add-on process release)

  8. Hello,

    i want to make a decision by condition. I have four different types of Entities (A, B, C, D). Entity D should pass through a different way than the other three entities. I've selected 'By Link Weight' whithin the outbound link rule of the node. But now I don't know how I must express the selection weight of the paths. Entity A, B, C should pass through path 1, entity D through path 2. Could you please help me?

    Thanks, Nadine

  9. Hello,

    can a resource be seized by an entity through the whole process? The resource should work on one entity until it departs the process. Here an example:

    Source - Server 1 - Server 2 - Server 3 - Server 4 - Sink

    The resource is secondary resource of every Server. When the entity arrives in Server 1 the resource is seized. Now the resource should be seized in Server 2 by the same entity, then in Server 3 by the same entity and so on. Then the next entity should pass through the whole process. I've tried to increase the entity priority after each Processing Step/ Server and then select 'Largest Value First' as Dynamic Selection Rule within the resource but it doesn't work properly.

    Hope you understand my problem an can help me! :)

    Thanks, Nadine

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