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  1. Hello, my resources follow a work schedule, they work from 7-23. Now I want them to continue working after 23 if there are entities left in the system. When these entities are disposed my resources can stop. Is there any possibility to do so? Regards Nadine
  2. Hello, i want to model time varying arrival rates for my entities. If I choose rate tables I can't select random arrival rates. Is there any possibility to do so? Regards Nadine
  3. Thank you, I used "is" and i works very well
  4. Can I stop the simulation run after 10.000 entities are disposed?
  5. That works! Thank you!!
  6. Hello, i want to make a decision by condition. I have four different types of Entities (A, B, C, D). Entity D should pass through a different way than the other three entities. I've selected 'By Link Weight' whithin the outbound link rule of the node. But now I don't know how I must express the selection weight of the paths. Entity A, B, C should pass through path 1, entity D through path 2. Could you please help me? Thanks, Nadine
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