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  1. Hello, if I use a normal distribution for the processing time of a server, I often get negative values. (How) can I avoid this? Regards
  2. Nadine

    waiting time for each entity

    Thanks, I've found this already. But I need (similar to the TimeInSystem Statistic) the (average, minimum, maximum) waiting time for each entity type in the model. Is there any possibility to get this number?
  3. hello, is there any number in the simulation results which returns the average waiting time for each entity? If not how can I implement this situation easily? Thanks! Regards, Nadine
  4. Thanks a lot! Now I understand that differences. But it's not yet clear to me when I have to use the instance name (defaultEntity) to refer on any state or property. Could you pls give me an example for this case? Regards, Nadine
  5. Hello, could you please explain the difference between entity, model entity and the defaultEntity and give me examples where I have to use which reference in an expression? Thanks a lot! Regards Nadine
  6. hello, could you please explain me how simio calculates the different types of costs for my resources? I have 5 secondary resources which are allocated to diffrent servers. I attached a table with idle and usage cost charged and the different types of costs. I don't understand how the costs are calculated or made up in this case. I think the costs and the times don't fit. Could you please help me? Thanks for helping! Best regards Nadine Times_Costs.xlsx
  7. Nadine

    Store information for each entity

    Now I have another problem: I use the ExcelWrite step to store information about the current entity (Name, Time etc.) in a server. The step is triggered by an add-on-process 'processing'. I also want to store the resource which is seized by the entity at this time. My resources are secondary resources in the servers. Which expression do I have to use? I tried to do this with 'ModelEntity.SeizedResource' but I think this isn't right because in the corresponding column there are only '2' in each row. Regards Nadine
  8. Thanks, the path analysis worked very well! I want to do statistical analysis within one experiment, not among different ones. Is it also possible to draw for example a histogram of the throughput times of my entities in one experiment? Regards Nadine
  9. Nadine

    Store information for each entity

    Thank you! I managed to solve my problems. The ExcelWrite is really great
  10. Hello, could you please give me an overview of the posibilities to do statistical analysis/tests in Simio? I want to draw different diagrams, make hypothesis testings or correlation analysis. I also would like to see how many entities use each path in my model. Is this only possible with add-on-processes or has Simio any feature to output the frequency of the different paths automatically? Regards Nadine
  11. Hey, I want to store informations for each entity in a data table or data sheet. The resulting table should contain a list of all entities and for example the corresponding throughput times. In the ideal case average an maximum values are also given in the table. Which posibilities are there in Simio? Regards Nadine
  12. I send it to the support! Thanks
  13. Hey, I want to store information of each entity in a data table with tally statistics. I looked at the TallyStatisticsInTables-SimBit and implemented all steps in my model. My Tally Step stores the current NumberInSystem of my entities. So I created a data table with one column 'Entities_NumberInSystem' (Type Tally Statistics) and a TallyStatistic named 'EntitiesInSystem' which I referenced in the first row of my data table. The Tally Statistic Name in the Tally Step is set to 'Table1.Entities_NumberInSystem'. When I want to simulate my model I always get an error message: 'Error evaluating the value of property 'Tally Statistic Name'. Invalid data table reference Table 1.' Where is the problem? Could you please help me?
  14. I've got it, don't need any more explanations. Thx
  15. I have the same problem. Could you please explain your solution how to change the scale factor for every day more detailed? For example: rate scale factor on monday is 1, on tuesday 4 and so on. Thanks, Nadine