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  1. Thank you very much for the response. I found the solution.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply. My problem is that the executing token is a ModelEntity and I want that ModelEntity to search through a Basicnode Parkingstation as soon as it enters the server to find the vehicle with the same priority as the executing token. The matching vehicle then needs to be transferred to the input node of the server. If I use the search step I keep getting an error that there is an object miss-match between the entity and the vehicle. Is there a way to search through a Basicnode parking station with an executing token and return the vehicle to be transferred once it is found? I am currently looping through the queue with BasicNode.ParkingStation.Contents.ItemAtIndex(object).Vehicle.Priority using a decide within another decide step and the object as the counter. It works to find the combination but cannot return the correct vehicle properties for the transfer step. Hope you can help, Rhynard Prins.
  3. Good day, I have vehicles carrying entities in a batch process that arrive at servers at various time intervals. The vehicles are transferred to a basicnode parkingstation to wait until vehicles with the same properties arrive. These vehicles then have to be transferred to the server after the delay has occurred. I am currently using BasicNode.ParkingStation.Contents.ItemAtIndex(object).Vehicle.Priority to loop through the values in the queue, but I cannot transfer the specific vehicles to the input at the server once the conditions are met since the expression for the entity object in the Transfer step would not allow me to do so. Hope you have a solution, Thank you in advance Rhynard Prins
  4. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. Good day, I am using Simio for my final year project and was hoping to get some advice with regard to transporting entities with multiple vehicles. At each transfer node one can only specify the transporter type as “Specific” or “From list”. I therefore created a list containing the specific vehicles needed to transport the entities. I have tried numerous methods but failed to assign the vehicles to specific entities once the entities are created. I therefore need to use a certain property of a created entity as a decision basis for assigning the entity to a certain vehicle once it is created. Hope you can help . Kind Regards, Rhynard