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    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    yeah, excel lets you import this files with other delimiters, go to Data Menu, Import From Text, then next and in delimiter define"|" in "other", hope this helps
  2. miguelgaitan

    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    hi... on another note, when exporting a file, I have to manually create the blank txt file before exporting, or is it just me_ is there a way of making the addin create the txt automatically if it doesnt exist? thanks! regards
  3. miguelgaitan

    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    nice!, thank you! this is perfect since i can interface this with a python program, edit away there and then come back and import it, amazing stuff! similar to the excel import but plain text files are always nicer, regards,
  4. miguelgaitan

    Button - Text Size

    Hi! is there any way to change the size of the text in a button ? In very large scale models the text of the button gets blurry thanks! ps. On the other hand I just saw I can have the Dashboard on the side of the model and the facility window in the other half of the screen, allowing me to have appropiate sized buttons AND run the model. Is this the correct approach? thanks!
  5. miguelgaitan

    Combine same kind of Entitty

    this might be what you are looking for: http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1024 if not, I would consider custom logic that destroys the copy of the entity and just leave the original,
  6. It would be nice if we could do a "fuzzy search" (with a toggle to activate it or deactivate it) on the expression editor, we could prolly save time on things which we know how some part of it it's called but not necessarily the complete name for it, just an idea, the inspiration comes from "Sublime Text"'s (test editor) command box(ctrl+shift+p) which gets to configuration toggles really fast by using fuzzy search... edit: maybe even with a in'line fuzzy search option activator like "#" like mentioned here: http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/file_management/file_management.html
  7. miguelgaitan

    Design Add-In Interactive Window (Updated:15 Nov 2012)

    hi!, great tool!, any luck running this in the latest sprints? Im getting the error message attached in the post, running 5.88 atm, thanks, it is a great tool indeed, PS. its running now, i installed VS2012 SDK and the Roslyn CTP, dont know which fixed it, but it's working now great work
  8. miguelgaitan


    hehe, we had the same problem, Instead we are now using a process triggered by Loading on the vehicle,using a Decide step asking "Is.Container20ft" where "container20ft" is the name of our entity, then we use other decides to finally "set node" and the vehicle takes it to that destination If I am correct there are other ways too, like, the transfer node could use routing logic per link depending on priorities of the entities and the link, or by reading a table, there are some simbits on the subject, search for "routing".
  9. miguelgaitan

    Railcar Capacity - Vehicle Contents

    Hi!, thank you so much for your comments on this, this is certainly a much better approach than the one we were implementing(indicator variables for bottom space and top space), we now are presented with the task of moving the containers to the next node and try to load in that car, which brings up the questions, is it now better to use lists on the routing logic and increase a row indicator to make the vehicle move to the next node after being rejected by the crane? we do have the two approaches modeled, in the "v2" model we try to read beforehand the result of the evaluate load process and make it go to the next node, but is not quite working, the other question that arises is whether to reset the loadsize variable or to have one for each railcar, we would appreciate any comments on this, regards WellsLoadingLogic_dsturrock_approach.spfx WellsLoadingLogicv2.spfx
  10. Hi!, Check the Simbit(Support tab>Sample Simbit Solutions): "Using a Monitor", it stops the simulation and records stats about the event that triggered it. In the example it's monitoring the length of the queue but that can be easily changed to check how many entities have entered your sink, or per each entity type how many have been destroyed. regards
  11. miguelgaitan

    Crane Library - Bridge and Underhung bridge cranes

    This is a very cool library, i have built two very simple examples to test before using it in a simulation in which they will represent Ship to Shore Cranes. First of all, it took me a moment to figure out that "entity destination" on my home node for the crane has to be set to "specific", can this work using "continue" ? Now, on attached example 1, the Crane picks the entity and will wait for an available vehicle to make the transfer, building a queue in the home node for the crane if there is no available vehicle. This is great since it reflects what happens in the actual operations, the crane waits for a truck to be below the crane to drop the container. crane_example1.spfx But there may be interest in simulating the crane dropping the entity into the floor and just keep unloading the ship, this means i now want to drop the entity without the vehicle being available. Is it possible to control this behaviour at will? I was looking for the option of an input buffer of some sort but for now I just add a normal node and allow the crane to drop it there it will build a queue waiting for the vehicle, this can be seen on example 2, I appreciate any ideas, crane_example2.spfx also, I tried scaling the elements and it gave me an error on height, so I was wondering what should i take into account when scaling (changing size) of this elements? I will take a screenshot next time I encounter the error. finally, I will be using this element in my simulation, and i was wondering what are the thoughts on "tulach" question: "5.) Crane and other crane components do generate a lot of data in trace. It would be nice to have possibility to swich this off just for some steps inside crane and co. I used it in a model that has a simulation time of 1 month and this made my trace impossible to filter and analyse." thanks best regards
  12. miguelgaitan

    Transhipment Operation (Ship - Rail - Ship)

    thank you so much for the comment and pointers, it is incredibly helpful,
  13. Hi, I am looking into modeling a transshipment operation in which we will have the following components: Ships that come with a certain amount of containers and they are unloaded by a Quay Crane (Server) and loaded into a truck that will move this container into a stack. Another truck picks up the container from the stack and takes it to either an RTG Crane or a TopLoader truck, the container is unloaded from the truck and placed on a railcar. Next, the cranes and toploaders will move in front of the next empty railcar, and repeat unload/load the arriving trucks, After certain amount of time or after the train is fully loaded, it will depart and an inverse process will happen on the destination. First of all I have to say I have read the entries on: Train Wagon Visuals: http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=729 Train Library Development (looking forward to seeing this!) http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1166 Train Vehicle (old, some links dead) http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=950 But the following questions come into my mind: 1- Is it easier to generate containers with the frequency depending on how often ships arrive to the port, or is it possible to simulate Ships containing x amount of containers arriving according to a table of "port calls" ? 2- In the real operations, RTGs and Toploaders work moving paralelly to the railcars into the next railcar to be loaded, are they vehicles, transporters or servers ? I think of them the same as QUay Cranes, with a certain service time for loading/unloading, but then I am limited by the movement need, so I guess the real question would be, is it better (or easier?) to simulate fixed server station and the train moving so the next railcars are served, or should I use another component to model this? 3- finally, for train departure, I have no idea on how to trigger the departure, I think the easiest is to know when it's full and making this trigger the departure, but how can I model several conditions that will trigger departure, either amount of containers in the train, availability of containers (no more ships to be unloaded and all containers are on the train), time, etc. ? any comments or pointers are appreciated, regards