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  1. yeah, excel lets you import this files with other delimiters, go to Data Menu, Import From Text, then next and in delimiter define"|" in "other", hope this helps
  2. hi... on another note, when exporting a file, I have to manually create the blank txt file before exporting, or is it just me_ is there a way of making the addin create the txt automatically if it doesnt exist? thanks! regards
  3. nice!, thank you! this is perfect since i can interface this with a python program, edit away there and then come back and import it, amazing stuff! similar to the excel import but plain text files are always nicer, regards,
  4. This is a very cool library, i have built two very simple examples to test before using it in a simulation in which they will represent Ship to Shore Cranes. First of all, it took me a moment to figure out that "entity destination" on my home node for the crane has to be set to "specific", can this work using "continue" ? Now, on attached example 1, the Crane picks the entity and will wait for an available vehicle to make the transfer, building a queue in the home node for the crane if there is no available vehicle. This is great since it reflects what happens in the actual operations, the crane waits for a truck to be below the crane to drop the container. crane_example1.spfx But there may be interest in simulating the crane dropping the entity into the floor and just keep unloading the ship, this means i now want to drop the entity without the vehicle being available. Is it possible to control this behaviour at will? I was looking for the option of an input buffer of some sort but for now I just add a normal node and allow the crane to drop it there it will build a queue waiting for the vehicle, this can be seen on example 2, I appreciate any ideas, crane_example2.spfx also, I tried scaling the elements and it gave me an error on height, so I was wondering what should i take into account when scaling (changing size) of this elements? I will take a screenshot next time I encounter the error. finally, I will be using this element in my simulation, and i was wondering what are the thoughts on "tulach" question: "5.) Crane and other crane components do generate a lot of data in trace. It would be nice to have possibility to swich this off just for some steps inside crane and co. I used it in a model that has a simulation time of 1 month and this made my trace impossible to filter and analyse." thanks best regards
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