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  1. Thank you! Adding that comment in to the 3D Hover Drop Down would be useful for people in the future... in a future update for example!
  2. The queue for my forklift is raised above my forklift. I downloaded the forklift symbol. I know that under the View tab it stated that I could Ctrl + Left Click objects to vertical raise or lower the physical location of the object. I want to lower the Queue location on my forklift to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Is this possible with a Queue object? Let me know! Thank you!
  3. Figured out that I should probably do a Routing Logic Element and utilize it with a Routing step. However, now I cannot get the Model Entity off of my Vehicle. I want solely my Model Entity to be stored in the ParkingContents of TransferNode7. Help please? Attached is an updated .spfx file VehicleInventoryProblem.spfx
  4. Those SimBits helped! However, I am running into a repeated issue of routing my vehicle from one node through many other nodes to store an entity in a transfer nodes parking station. I am desiring to simulate inventory realistically. Let me know if I am on the right track. This small scale .spfx example resembles my issue in my model. What happens is: 1) I required that TransferNode1 be set True the Ride On Transporter option 2) Vehicle is able to come and pick up a Model Entity. Add-On Process requests that the vehicle be Moved to TransferNode7 (upper-most node)... ***wh
  5. Hey all, I am a novice Simio user who is desiring to get the ball rolling on some real-world applications of this software. I am desiring to correctly & sufficiently simulate arriving inbound truckloads of material, exporting outbound finished product, and also the material handling process that organizes material & finished product in inventory. All of this would be focused on this 1 plant. Any help/direction for my situation described below will be invaluable to me. Special Case Info: -Arrival truckloads are tentatively scheduled a few days in advance. Empty exporting fin
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