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  1. It's more difficult. My need is : - My workstation 1 is opened 8 hours. - My process time for this workstation is 6 hours. What I want is to block the second entity that enters in my workstation because I can't finish the operation in two hours. My second entity can only start the day after.
  2. Hi, I'm a new user of simio and i'm looking for a solution for my simulation. I want to execute two steps by sequence during the same day of work: - For example a typical day is 8hours of work (workschedule), - The first step (workstation1) needs 4 hours and the second 2 hours (workstation2). Then I need 6 hours of process, I want to execute the second step during the same day of work and not begin the second step the next day. For more precision I work with a process table to attribuate the entity on work station. Thanks for your help.
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