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  1. I build a very simple model trying to figure out how a transporter can pick up the maximum entities for the capacity of the transporter and drop it off at the node destination it has been set and then return to pick up the rest of the entities. It seems that the transporter doesn't want to pick more than one entity although its capacity has been set to 10. How can i do orders with a transporter? Thus allowing it to pick up 10 entities(capacity of the transporter) and returning to pick up the rest. Please see attached model Any assistance would be much appreciated Transpo
  2. I have a model where a two vehicles drive to a node. The one vehicle(Yellow) will park at the node. Where as the red Vehicle must return with the path to pick up the pallet and then offloading it to the yellow vehicle to use. I need some advice on routing the red vehicle back to the source to pick up the pallet. Feel free to look at the example model i attached Thanks for your help. RackTransporterExample.spfx
  3. I still need suggestions on the logic for a vehicle to travel upwards to a rack and also downwards. Can this be done? I am looking for similar functions to the crane library lift function but I struggle to implement this with a vehicle since the crane objects depend on each other. Please assist or advise.
  4. I have put the nodes vertically above each other, so i think the xyz values are already what they should be. When the vehicle move up and down these nodes the vehicle changes to an upright position when traveling up to a rack/node. This however is not what i want. What I want to achieve is to keep the vehicle in a flat position as if it is standing and only the height changes. It then functions as Mole pallet vehicle Am I missing something?
  5. Where on the node do i put in the position values? Or do I do it in the process?
  6. The nodes are already in vertical alignment and the transporter follows the path. My problem is that the vehicle must visually move up without changing position. It must work like a lift going up or down. Similarly to mole racking. A car must transfer the pallets up to a rack lane and then drive into that particular lane.
  7. I would like to model a vehicle that moves vertically alongside racking and then enters a certain rack lane and transfers a pallet. I saw the examples in the crane library and thought the lift properties would be what I am after. Though I am struggling to sub class or build a new vehicle class which includes the lift functionality to be able to move vertically. Please have a look at my model which includes the lift and also a normal vehicle. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Transporter_Racking_example.spfx
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