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  1. Hi, I was wondering how to define true constant values in Simio, that cannot be changed in object instances. I would not like to type constant values (for example 15) directly into the model. I would like to have one place in the model, where I can define all this constants. Properties would be a possibility, but the disadvantage of properties is, that the default property values can be changed in the different object instances. I would like to prohibit this. How can I achieve this? Thanks. Adrian.
  2. Hi, thanks for the useful answer! I have still Simio 5.81 installed. I will try to upgrade to the latest sprint release. Adrian.
  3. Hi Is it possible to reload an object definition in Simio of some object instances? I have the following case: I have put some object instances of class A in my model. After this I have done some improvements in the external definition of class A, to get a better graphical representation. But the object instances already existing in the model keep their representation. Is there a way to get the new object definition into the already existing objects, without deleting all the instances? Thanks! Adrian.
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