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  1. Greetings, Trying to set up 2 separate networks (AGV and Tractor networks). I can create the Network Element in Definitions, but I cannot figure out how to assign the paths and nodes to the new networks. I tried the SetNetwork process step, but I get a runtime error: "The object or element reference 'Path 5' returned by property 'SetNetwork.EntityObject' is not of the expected type 'Entity'." How do you set a path's new Network name? Link to the model, with the runtime error (error comes from the OnRunInitialized process): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehn33oxxed5ir43/2-Netowrks.spfx?dl=0 thanks for any help, Kurt
  2. Has anyone tried a Simio model of the matchstick and die simulation from Goldratt's book, The Goal? It is very similar to the Penny Game from the Lean Aerospace Initiative training. Here is a reference about the matchstick simulation: http://maaw.info/MatchBowlExperiment.htm I've got a static simulation of the model in Excel, which works very well. But I would like to try it in Simio. The problem is a day "happening", in all in one event. I'm having trouble making everything happen concurrently. I've got 2 stations working, but it is not very pretty (attached, from Simio Academic version 6.102). This is much too complex for a teaching model. Somebody did it here in Witness and posted it as a video on YouTube. I would like to do something like this. Any ideas or advice for a static simulation like this in Simio? Thanks, Kurt PennyProcessing.spfx
  3. Greetings, here is a simple situation that I want to model, but can't figure out a way to do it: There is an incoming stream of entities. If there are less than 5 entities waiting at the source output buffer, then Worker1 should transport the entity to Server1. Worker1 only serves Server1. If there are 5 or more entities waiting, then Worker1 should continue to transport entities to Server1, but Worker2 should also help by transporting entities to Server2. Worker2 only serves Server2. If the output buffer falls to less than 5, then Worker2 should stop transporting. Basic model attached, but no logic to address my question. I've tried lots of "process-based" ideas. Please offer ideas. Thank you, Kurt Colvin BottleLine.spfx
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