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  1. Sorry if this is obvious, but can someone tell me how I can reference the number of batchMembers in the example above without having to reference the specific entity, which in this case is TruckLoad.5442. I need something like "the number of batchMembers in the entity currently in the ParentInputBuffer" please. e.g. TruckBay1Batch.ParentInputBuffer.Content.???.BatchMembersCount? As you'd expect, this number changes constantly during the simulation run. At this moment of simulated time, the answer is 2. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks so much! Worked like a charm! Best Regards. Petersbl
  3. I have a multiple combiners into which a single worker provides entities. While the worker is at a specific combiner, I want to check if that combiner's output buffer is full. I'd prefer not to create a separate process for each combiner as I have dozens. How do I code the process so that it is generic and that 1 process can work for any combiner? I'm hoping this is an easy question. Sorry if it's obvious. Thanks for your help.
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