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  1. That was my problem since the Worker wasn't the associated object. Thanks for you help again
  2. I want to model a reneging situation like that exposed in RemoveFromAllocationQueue simbit. However when i place a remove step in my model i can't specify either a Worker's or Server's allocation queue. Maybe a problem related to my version? edit: I can specify Server1.Allocationqueue but not Worker1.Allocationqueue expression. I can specify to with a Resource object :s Reneging.spfx
  3. In Simio it's possible for a Worker to execute more than one entity simultaneously (multi-tasking between them)? Since only an entity at a time can seize the Worker's capacity maybe i need to use some sort of interruptions, no?
  4. Many thanks, i solved my problem now. I really don't know what happened to me because NumberWaiting function escaped me from my eyes.
  5. The function AverageNumberWaiting gives me the average and not the entire number of current entities waiting in a Worker's Allocation Queue. So if i need this to evaluate candidates for seizing, it's not accurate. Maybe i need to sub-class the Worker and add into it a Storage or use a model Storage (associated with a Worker) and insert into it entities. What do you think?
  6. I've created a function to give me a Random Integer Number between 1 and 3 with this expression: 'Math.Round(Random.Uniform(1, 3))' Do you think its the best possible way to do this with Simio?
  7. After some investigation i think this is possible by using the Interrupted path of the Interrupt Step and set the Interrupted Process Action to 'Resume Delay'. Someone can confirm this?
  8. I've built some test models and reached the conclusion that independently of the ranking rule, the token will wait in each Worker's allocation queue until the entity seizes an available worker that meets the selected conditions. After seizing, the entity disappears from the queues. I really don't if it really works like this internally but i'm not having any problems with seizing from a list.
  9. Hello. In Simio is possible for a Worker interrupt the processing of an entity and another Worker to resume it?
  10. Hello, i have a question about seizing from a list. First i want to confirm how the Seize step works with seizing from a list. The token associated with an entity will first check if there is any available worker (pool > 0) and if they met the conditions specified in the Advanced Options (selection condition, goal, etc.), right? Second, imagine i have a list with 3 workers with different ranking rules to order the waiting seize requests (e.g. two use a FIFO rule and one LIFO). When an entity tries to seize a worker from a list in a given Server and the pool is 0 (i.e, there isn'
  11. Many thanks, i solved my problem using Capacity.Allocated function.
  12. Hello. I can i check before seizing if a worker is available (not busy or owned by other entity)? I'm not getting results with CurrentCapacity function because the value is always one.
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