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  1. Hello. How can i get the row index where the max value of some data table column is stored? I need this because in my model i will seize workers based on this max value. edit: Using Maximize Expression will get me there?
  2. Email me directly and I'll be glad to provide feedback, perhaps even some modeling advice if desired. Or you might post it here and also get feedback from others who might have interest in your work. Agreed, many thanks.
  3. Hello. Under my M.Sc thesis i´m building a catalog of Simbits to address several characteristics of organizational/information-based business processes/workflows that can be difficult to represent in a simulation model. One of the issues that arose was how to verify the Simbits, i.e, how to prove that the solution really does what i mention it does. For example, one common situation in workflow management systems is the ability of a human resource to redo some work-item (activity/task instance) after its completion. The technical approach in Simio involved a Server object to represent a
  4. Imagine a model with two servers. A worker object rejects a seizing request by an entity in Server 2 because he is busy processing other entity at a Server1. If the request fail when and how will the entity do the seize again? It will stay permanently at Server 2 or do the request when the workers capacity becomes available again?
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