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  1. Just curious if there's an easier way to go about doing this... Long story short if I am representing multiple physical positions within capacity of a server and I create my own Gantt outside Simio, it's important for me to know WHICH resource (in this case which one of the servers) is utilized by each entity. I was trying to utilize Entity.Location.Parent.Server.Processing.Contents.IndexOfItem( Entity ) and assigning it to a state on the entity and then ultimately writing to an output table. However, this doesn't seem to be working accurately. It may be a timing issue on when this step is called, but is there a default function I'm just not aware of that could be of assistance?
  2. Actually I want to include input parameters in there as well.... Thought about writing some process logic to read through a table on run initialized, but I can't use a state for the rows to specifically look at for the starting/ending index for table value input parameters.
  3. Is there any way to import a list of properties from excel? What if I have a model with a predetermined list of variables that rather than manually creating them one by one, I could simply import from excel?
  4. After testing a simple rectangle, I see that I can apparently only stretch textures on something like a box? Is this due to the UVW map of an object?
  5. I have the latest sprint available (10.179.17384) but for some reason I can't seem to stretch textures in my model any more. Am I missing something or is this a bug? It won't let me select "Stretch Texture" no matter what I do.
  6. Probably a stupid question, but doesn't the enabled just enable the start and not necessarily fire an event to START or STOP the timer?
  7. Is there a way to start/stop timers on a specific entity without creating a bunch of different events? The potential problem I see is that the reset timer event is general and would require a bunch of individual events.
  8. That is exactly what I was looking for and it was obvious. I didn't realize it was embedded into capacity. I looked in probably every other possibility. Thank you sir.
  9. Interesting. But what does that mean in terms of being able to collect the cumulative "cost" at any point in time or by any specific resource through the use of a state? Is that just not possible?
  10. So I have to admit this is my first model tying in costs directly in simio despite using it for 7 years. However, I can't seem to find any way to store data mid model for costs other than just exporting from the results table. I've tried digging into any possibility as far as at the model level, resource level, resource state level...None of these give me the ability to snap a line in the model with a process and track the costs at that point in time. Am I missing something really obvious or is this built in functionality I can't exploit?
  11. Not quite the same. That's on a node and not a server in which I'm using some of the default functionality. The problem is the member gets batched and yet STILL seizes the resource needed at the server it gets allocated while waiting in line no matter what. I'm using the resource to control how many things can process at a time (in this instance 1). It's like I'm looking for the reverse of "allocate"
  12. I started to post this yesterday, thought I found a fix, but no dice. Long story short, I'm trying to create my own custom batching logic OUTSIDE of the object so to speak. A regular combiner doesn't fit this case for a number of reasons. In short, I have tried batching two objects, if the condition applies, from the SAME input buffer and I've also even gone as far creating another server in place of input buffer thinking I could suspend ONE of the entity's processes and batch it if need be. I've tried controlling the flows through seizing ONE resource and restricting the other from beginning processing and littered this thing with math.epsilons. However, no matter what I do, I keep getting the error "The entity's location is in transition state "WaitingToTransferIntoStation" and a new transfer request is invalid" on the member when I try to batch. Any suggestions or recommendations on where to go from here in regards to pulling it out of that or prohibiting it from entering that location in the first place?
  13. jfulton


    Any quick syntax I can use in a search step to have the match condition for the entity to NOT be itself?
  14. Does anyone know if you can display process tasks from a table as they are occurring within a status label? I've tried just about every drop down possible with no success.
  15. I can not seem to figure out why I am getting this error, but the entity works fine in all my other models. Anyone else ever experienced this error and know a fix? I've tried everything. Item: ModelEntity 'EntityName' Item Property: Current Size Index Error evaluating the value of property 'Current Size Index' Referenced definition type 'ModelEntity' does not match executing type 'ModelEntity'
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