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  1. hello!!! i have four vehicles that go to a sink. i want to run the simulation and the one ot them not to start. when i start again the simulation i want all of them to start . is there a way to do it easily? thanks a lot!
  2. hello!!! i would like to ask how to disable a vehicle. i want to run my model and i have 4 vehicles to start do something. i want one of them not to start . thanks
  3. thank you very much!! i have already seen in my own post!!!
  4. hello, i would like to ask if simio gives the possibility to warn the user with a label (for exemple) when for exemple 70 cars (entities) parked in a parking ( sink). in my project there are such limits and i want to stop the similation when a limit is not maintained. thanks a lot!
  5. hello!! i have 4 sources and i want to stop each of them producing entities with a button ( manually-operated ) . is there this option. ?? i mean that a have one source which starts producing entities by clicking the play in the facility window. i want to stop it with one button because automatically ( i have done that) i want another source to start producing entities and the previous to stop. thank u in advance!
  6. in this issue, i would like to ask if there is a way to create a message in the facility window when the number of the entities are the maximum, when the stopping condition occurs. for exemple, i need 100 entities for a source. i want a label, for exemple, to inform the user that the procces stops because we are in the 100 entity! thank u in advance.
  7. thank you about your reply. it was very helpful.
  8. hello i have a process (entities which are transfered to a parking and to some other areas ) that i want to be delayed. that means that i what the tranferring to happen when something else occured in my program. i am using the wait step or the delay step but it doen't work. have you another idea??thanks
  9. my problem is solved. thank u again about your help.!!
  10. thank u very much about your answer. however, i would like to have a status label to count each time an entity enters a server. is there that possibility???
  11. hello!!! i would like to count the entities that are entered in a server!! how can i fix it?? ( i have posted in welcome forum by misstake) thank u in advance
  12. thank u very much. my problem is solved!!
  13. hi!! i have a problem with separating entities. i have an entity which is moving in a link and after some seconds it arrives in a tranfer node and randomnly it needs to choose between two links. im my final project it goew alxayw in the link i have designed first but i want this to do it in a random way. help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i m sorry i m asking again something on the same topic but i change separators and i put basic nodes in an other project and it runs normally. model entities are random moving between the links.. i cannot do the same in my own project that i work on. where is the problem?? all properties are the same! thank u in advance.
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