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  1. I have been running very large experiments that take a few days to run. Murphy's law seems to interfere through either power outages or automatic updates which can cost me a couple of days of computer time. So I found some code using autohotkey and modified it to work great with SIMIO. autohotkey is a free download and easy to use. The below code runs a loop which hits {control S} on the SIMIO window if it is open every 10 minutes. Persistent ;run a loop 100 times saving every ten minutes if your SIMIO file is open. loop, 100 { ;save file every 10 minutes MsgBox, Iteration
  2. Slightly off topic, but I have never seen a model with a dynamic number of servers. Are you spawning servers on initialisation? And if so, should I assume you are using freespace? I make frequent use of dynamic entities and vehicles in freespace, but have never had much luck in terms of servers etc. I am sorry if I was ambiguous, I am not changing the number of servers, rather the number of entities within the servers at the starting time. I am not working in freespace.
  3. I am working on a rather large model, and the starting conditions are rather important. I would like to establish exact start conditions prior to each excursion. For example, if I have 100 servers, I would like a certain number and type of entity in each server once I begin the run. Is it possible to establish this starting condition in some way? I cannot run my way to this condition due to both changes caused by random number generation and the unexplainable complexities that brought us to the current conditions.
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