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  1. Thanks for the prompt response, tulach, I have done some scavenger hunts through hell trying to change the regional settings. Seldom have I been successful. I'll give it another try, though. Thanks again, and long live Nedved, João
  2. PS: any time the day is smaller or equal to 12 SIMIO assumes it's a month
  3. Hello, I've been using the excel import button to update my tables before running the model. Turns out that, for no obvious reason, sometimes SIMIO feels like changing the days with the months. Is there any easy way to overcome this problem? This is quite an urgent matter. In the image you can see a right (green) and a wrong (red) case during the same import. At the right there's the Excel table and at the left there's the SIMIO one. http://s9.postimage.org/w60ypi573/day_and_month_switch.png Best regards, everybody, João
  4. Thanks for the prompt response. I see what you mean. However I want the vehicle to transport 3 Type1's and 7 Type2's in the same trip . I think the method you propose doesn't let me do this. Having specific trucks for each entity is also not feasible due to the big number of entity types I'll be using later on.
  5. Thanks for the advice but I ended up doing it in a totally different way. I used a vehicle object to do the transportation and I make it run in the proper dates through the DateTime function. However, another problem has risen. Is it possible to set different ride capacities for different entities? I saw we can change capacities in the VehiclesWithVariableRideCapacities SimBit but I failed to adapt it to the case of more than one entity type. Can I, for example, set the rider capacity for entity type 1 as 3 and for entity type 2 as 7? Thank you very much, João
  6. Hello everybody, I am developing a model that works at 2 different speeds. From the supplier up to the distribution center each entity arrives through an arrival table setting. From the distribution center to the shops this does not happen. The replenish times at each shop are discrete and set to different days of the week at midnight. I tried to use a transfer node to buffer all the entities before the expedition to the shops. I was then trying to restrict the entities expedition through the work schedule tool, but I can't seem to find a step that lets me allow the passage only when a
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