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    Irregular problem with Dropoff Step

    Please ignore previous post. Problem was found and resolved.
  2. Has anyone experienced the following problem with the Dropoff Step? When trying to execute the step, the following message is received: "Transporter 'TransporterName' failed to drop off a rider at node 'NodeName'. No eligible drop-off requests." The strange thing is that the same logic with the same vehicle, works 100% when dropping off entities at another node. Other transporters dropping off entities at this particular node also work 100%. I have already re-generated the applicable vehicle, node, path, logic, etc. without any success. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Dave, The current train library looks and works good when modelling straight forward traffic where a loco picks up rail cars and the rail cars pick up and drop off entities (apart from things like acceleration/deceleration, etc. as already mentioned). We need functionality to model shunting yards. In such a case a locomotive should be able to push rail cars onto certain tracks. A loco should also be able to change its route based on the destinations rail cars should be dropped off and picked up. Currently a locomotive can only follow a fixed route and can only be in front of all rail cars (pull). Has there been any further development? Francois
  4. Are there any plans to enable users to have a reference in a path or conveyor (as a matter of fact all link objects) where the length is specified so that it obtains the length from a table. This will enable users to read in lengths from an external source and could be very helpful with evaluating different scenarios.
  5. Maybe this has been discussed before but I would like to suggest that a user should have the option to move a node locked license from one computer to another via a flash disk (memory stick or any portable storage device). The way a license is activated will probably have to change because currently it is linked to a specific computer. The reason for this is if there are more than one user in a company with e.g. one license and they want to move the license between users, just like one does with a dongle. Does anybody else have the same need?
  6. echo

    Moving ModelEntity by Full Capactiy

    ...further to my earlier post: The attached model is not completed yet because I first want to get over the multiple load hurdle. Did anybody do something similar before...successfully? Tks. Francois
  7. echo

    Moving ModelEntity by Full Capactiy

    Hi, I have a similar problem which I could not solve yet, even trying what Dan and Christine suggested. Currently there are three shovels (excavators) and 6 trucks. When there is ore available, a truck should already be sent to the loading point where it will wait for the shovel to arrive. A truck should then stay at the loading point until 3 excavator loads have been delivered, before leaving. I have tried various combinations of logic/rules without success. Any idea what I did wrong? Multiple Pickup.spfx
  8. Currently the Decide Step has only a True or False condition or x% and y% probability. We have to use some serious decision logic now in order to use generic logic. Is a "Multi-Decision/Probability" Step on Simio's design list and if so, when will it be available? Without it the process logic can get uncomfortably big.