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  1. HDreyer

    Movement of entities using a CSV file

    Hi Glen, I have been trying to get this to work, but when I open the model, it says it cannot find the files that have been copied into the SimioUserExtensions folder. See attached error message. We want to model something similar and I want to see how you controlled the movement. Would you be able to assist? Kind Regards H Dreyer
  2. HDreyer

    Rail path decorators slow

    Yes, path decorators slows down even simple models significantly. This has been true since 2011 when I first noticed it.
  3. HDreyer

    Entity Animation/Size Scale

    Hi Eduardo, Thanks for the input. However it is not the issue we are having. We want to change the physical object dimensions, without changing the animated dimensions for a specific object. So in your example, when making the change to the size, the object state should change, but the animation should still look unchanged. Regards H
  4. Hi, Is it possible to change an entities size parameters, without changing the symbol animation. I have a model that is not built on scale and I would like the entities to have specific lengths to function correctly on my links, but I don't want the animation to change. I want to keep the entity picture the default size. Any assistance/suggestions? Regards H
  5. Good Day, What is the possibility of enabling a run with multiple replications to be able to write the data in a write step into a single file, instead of a file for each rep? Can it already be done? It is purely to do data processing easier and quicker when you write out vast amounts of data for many replications. Thanks H
  6. HDreyer

    Extended Flow Library

    Hi Dave, Hope you are well. The flow looks great and I'll try these new objects. Thanks for all the hard work. Will you be introducing flow on conveyors in the future? It would typically be for an application where there is ore on a conveyor and model it continuously instead of discretely. Regards H
  7. HDreyer

    Network Assign

    Is there a easier/better way to add links to networks besides right clicking and selecting "add to network"? There is almost 200 different networks in the model and it is very time consuming to add links to the networks, even when using multiple selections. Is there any process logic one can use to "assign" a link to a network using tables for instance? Any help would be appreciated.