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  1. For the ranking rule of a workstation, I want the workstation to choose the entity on the basis of the changeover matrix. The entity should be chosen in way that it will have a least setup time changeover. Lets say entity2 and entity3 arrive at a same time in input buffer, and entity1 was the last processed entity. And setup time to change from entity1 to entity2 is 1 min and to change from entity1 to entity3 it takes 2 min setup time. In this case, Entity 2 should be chosen next. Need help!! Santosh Joshi santosh.joshi@sdstate.edu
  2. In my model, there are 5 sources, 3 workstation, and 5 sinks. Each source and sink deals with just one type of part. There is batching server(combination of separator and combiner) after each source, just to batch entities if needed. I want the first workstation to select part type on priority basis. Part1Green>Part2Red>Part3Black>Part4Blue>Part5Yellow is the priority order. Rest of the two workstations process on first come first serve basis. While all the sources are producing those parts randomly, if the first workstation faces two or more parts at the same time, it should choose on the basis of that priority order. How can I set the workstation to meet my need? And in my experiment, I need to calculate total time the system takes to finish each type of part separately. Please help me out! Santosh scenario 2with5entityaftersinksolved.spfx
  3. How can I set up a workstation to choose entiites on basis of color. My workstation is getting inputs from 5 different Sources that produce a different color. Each color represents a priority level. Later on I want to calculate the individual process time of each colored entities in experiment. Santosh
  4. I went through the link you provided. That helped, thanks. The solution that Joaquim provided is really good. I am trying to design a similar process where I could just hold the incoming entities till I get a certain number of entities and then process them one by one. Unlike mine, in the model that Joaquim provided all the entities hold are released as one. I havent got any reply in that discussion. Could you please help.
  5. Hi Joaquim and everyone, I am trying to build a model where I am comparing batch processing and single piece flow. Looks like Joaquim's binary gate idea will help me. I have two questions for you. 1. Where have you defined the value 5 for the counter in your binary gate?? 2. In your model, the all the 5 entities are released as one, but for my model I want them to get released separately. All I need is stop them from proceeding unless certain number of entities arrive. So that if I set the batch size as 5, gate waits until 5 entities arrive and if I set it to 1, it becomes a single piece flow. Please suggest me something. Regards, Santosh
  6. Thanks Dave. I am using version 4 simio univeristy edition. I couldnot find Ending Type and Stopping Conditions. Are they available in this editions??
  7. I am trying to change the properties of a workstation for batch processing. So that I set a reference property for batch size in the experiment. Thus I would be able to keep batch size as 1 in one scenario and any bigger number to see what happens if we process in batches. I just set the processing batch as referenced property but i think it didnt help. I want the workstation only when the required batch arrives. Please provide you suggestions.
  8. I highly appreciate your reply. I implemented your suggestions but I am getting same value in the Response even for different scenarios( different batch sizes for workstation). Is TimeInSystem the total time from creation to destroying per item? I thought that because in that case getting a same value for response would be okay. If it is so, what should I do to calculate total time to finish a complete lot of say 1000 items in two scenarios. Just to make more it more clear to you, I am actually trying to test that single piece flow is faster than batch processing. So in my model there is workstation to represent worker/s doing part finishing job in a plastic factory. Workstation is the exact point where I am varying batch size for 1 ( single piece flow) to multiple ( say 20 for processing in a batch) and assume that source, server and sink maintain same speed for both scenarios.
  9. I want to measure the total processing time of the system where I have a source, one server, two workstations and a sink. I believe I have to add a response column to the experiment. I did that but I am not being able to define the expression accordingly. Could any pleae help me how to define expression as the total processing time? Please correct me if I have wrong understanding.
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