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  1. For the ranking rule of a workstation, I want the workstation to choose the entity on the basis of the changeover matrix. The entity should be chosen in way that it will have a least setup time changeover. Lets say entity2 and entity3 arrive at a same time in input buffer, and entity1 was the last processed entity. And setup time to change from entity1 to entity2 is 1 min and to change from entity1 to entity3 it takes 2 min setup time. In this case, Entity 2 should be chosen next. Need help!! Santosh Joshi santosh.joshi@sdstate.edu
  2. How can I set up a workstation to choose entiites on basis of color. My workstation is getting inputs from 5 different Sources that produce a different color. Each color represents a priority level. Later on I want to calculate the individual process time of each colored entities in experiment. Santosh
  3. I went through the link you provided. That helped, thanks. The solution that Joaquim provided is really good. I am trying to design a similar process where I could just hold the incoming entities till I get a certain number of entities and then process them one by one. Unlike mine, in the model that Joaquim provided all the entities hold are released as one. I havent got any reply in that discussion. Could you please help.
  4. I am trying to change the properties of a workstation for batch processing. So that I set a reference property for batch size in the experiment. Thus I would be able to keep batch size as 1 in one scenario and any bigger number to see what happens if we process in batches. I just set the processing batch as referenced property but i think it didnt help. I want the workstation only when the required batch arrives. Please provide you suggestions.
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