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  1. I encountered a very interesting phenomenon in RoutingGroup element, please look into the attached model. Source generate 3 types of orders,they are a,b,c and the mix of them is 1-1-1, see table1. entity a can only go to server1 and sever2 via nodelist1 entity b can only go to server1 and sever3 via nodelist1 entity c can only go to server3 and sever2 via nodelist1 In source1-entered process,a route step has been used to determin the routing. when the capacity of these servers are very tight,entities are stored in the outputbuffer@server1,but it seems that the entity has a
  2. In my case,I want to evaluate the workload of a server. Orders represented by entity pass through a server,and the capacity of the server is fixed to 1, So, one order is being processed while sevral orders waiting in the inputbuffer.Each order has a propertity named steptime. And the equation is : WorkLoad = (order in processbuffer).steptime+(order1 in inputbuffer).steptime/2+(order2 in inputbuffer).steptime/3+......+(order n in inputbuffer)/(n+1) then fill the expression in a status lable. can anyone be so kind to give me some suggestions? Thank you!!
  3. Thank you! Asagan it's the exact process that I looked for. At first,I filled the search step with Table1.station,which should be Table1.station.contents
  4. Hello everyone. In my model, I'm trying to use a button to run a process,after clicking the button,a certain number(table.suitnumber) of objects that stored in different stations(table.station) will be transfered to table.des here is the question,I have tried different ways,but failed to write the process. search?transfer?How to fill the step? Could you help me ?Thank you
  5. Thank you jdoran and tulach! I found some details in Simio Document,see the picture below http://photo.renren.com/photo/sp/foD9NQ-pmHz It is said that the station.contents has a capacity of infinity,but during the simulation run, only one item can be found in the station.contents,the rest of the entities are stored in the station.entryqueue. What I want to do is to search the station and transfer the exact entity out of the station,but it is not allowed to transfer a entity out from a entryqueue,beacause the entity's location is in transition state 'WaitingToTransferInto
  6. I'm trying to use a station element to store several kinds of pallets, and the pallet is used to carry a part that has the same priority.(see the datails in my attachment) so when a part goes to the memberinput of a combiner,a process is triggered to search the station to find the exact pallet and transfer it to parentinputbuffer. here is the question,a station element is designed with two queues,one is station.contents the other one is station.entryqueue, I failed to transfer the right pallet from the staion to the parentinputbuffer since there is only one pallet that I can find in stat
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