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  1. You are making the worker move through the 3 nodes with the add on process, thats why he will always travel that way (you are ordering him to do that). Instead, you have to use it as a vehicle, and once the entity exits the server, it can choose to go to any of the 3 destinations with the worker.
  2. You can use a table to assign each value and increment the row value each time an entity leaves
  3. The thing is that once its allocated to an entity it starts beeing used (marked as busy), You can use the method of reservation: first available at location, that way, the transporter goes to its home, but it is not used until it arrives to the node and there is an entity to be served. I'm attaching an idea of that, hope its what you need. Model v3.spfx
  4. HI TomaszKot, They are not idle at any time, they are either loading, unloading or transporting, because the entities arrive faster that they are served.
  5. Hi, I am working in a model with 2 cranes in 1 bay, and they normaly work each on one half of the bay (left and right) but sometimes the crane that works on the left has to go all the way to the right of the bay, and also the other way, the crane that normally works on the right side of the bay has to go all the way to the left side. My first problem was that the right side crane wouldnt let the other one into her "territory" until all stars aligned, even if it was not busy, so i added logic to solve this problem and every thing is working well. But, it comes a time when I get a "Destination undefined." warning even when it has a valid node to go to, proven by many other entities that passed and moved the crane to that node. And, all this explanations fail to be of use after all, because when I changed a little thing to the cranes (the idle action up position to false) I had the same warning in another completely different node that had nothing to do with the first problem. We traced the activities of the crane and came up with a coincidence, the crane and the lift cancel their up movement for some reason, and this happens every time we get the warning. Are we doing something wrong? Can you help us? We would really appreciate it
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