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  1. Hello Everyone, I need your help on the current university project I am working on at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I want to develop Simulation Models of the Vehicular Traffic Flow on the Road Network in Port Harcourt city, especially at the road intersections and roundabouts. Some of these intersections and roundabouts have traffic lights while most of them don't. How do I model the congestion at the road intersections and roundabouts? How do I accurately coordinate and model the flow of vehicles at these intersections? How do I model a situation where a faster
  2. Hello Jdoran, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Looking at the properties of the source object, I could not see the any button to model the buffer capacity of the source object just as we have in server object. Please do me a favour by sending me an example model on how I can model the buffer capacity of the source object. Thank you. Nwonye C.
  3. Hello Everybody, I am having challenges modeling the buffer capacities of the source and sink objects. How do I set the buffer capacities of the source and sink objects to some finite values? How can I set the buffer capacities of the source and sink objects to zero (or some finite number) so as to allow blocking between the source and the server objects? Actually, I am modeling a situation such that entities arriving from the source can be blocked (and lost) if the server's input buffer is finite and full and all servers are busy. I want to be able to keep record of the number and p
  4. Hello, Thanks so much. I think you did not understand my question. Let me try to be clear here. I want to incorporate the service times and inter-arrival times into the respective simulation objects without using any probability distribution. The only information that I have is the respective mean values and standard deviations. I do not have any information on the probability distributions. I have just the mean and standard deviation. How do I implement this in SIMIO? Please help me out. Thank you so much. Nwonye C.
  5. Good Day. I have a question concerning the inter-arrival times (at source) and the processing times (at servers and other objects). Suppose the inter-arrival and service times are stochastic (random). Suppose we do not want to use any particular probability distribution to model the inter-arrival and service times. Suppose the only information we have is the mean inter-arrival time, the mean service time, and their respective coefficient of variations (or variances/standard deviations), how can we incorporate these details into the respective simulation objects without using any particular
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