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  1. Can someone tell me what are the steps to use Replication Runner to Distribute Runs on the same local network I have one simio license team server edition and one license simio team - NL - edition thanks Paulo Marques
  2. Marques

    Detail Results

    At the end of the simulation run it is possible to see the results in the Pivot Grid table, but is it possible to know more details? For example the result of the pivot grid table tells me that one server had two stops, but I can tell when there were these stops. In anylogic we can log and later consult. Does Simio have something like that? thanks Paulo Marques
  3. "MytravelTime" state searched but did not find, where is it?
  4. what does mean this expression for a Worker "Math.If(EvaluatingSeizeRequestAddOnProcess.HasValue,0,2)" ?
  5. Marques

    step SetTable missing

    In the demo version of simio 5.80 .... I do not find the step Set Table? why? Is the SetTable was replaced by another step?
  6. As this subject is so important in any production system, is not it a bit strange it does not exist in standar library?
  7. in 2008 wrote JZHOU: "Will simio provide Rack object (Warehouse rack ,with multi-layers)/? " there's something new on this subject? If there is nothing anyone can help me, how I can do this with the standar library? is there any example that show how I can do it?
  8. In addition the the ability to create custom Steps, Elements, and Rules, Simio also has provisions for data import add-ins, design-time add-ins (to programatically build a facility model), and experiment add-ins (like the OptQuest and Select Best examples). You can learn more in Simio help by searching on the term "API" or looking at some of the other posts in this API forum. sorry dsturrock but I did not know yet if it is possible I create a SIMIO model using a programming language. In Arena it is possible. With the SIMIO it is also possible to draw any model, only part of the model or not anything is possible?
  9. In Arena this is done using one specific VBA block with no parameters. In Simio you can create your own Steps and Elements defining full properties and behaviors. You could of course simply define a step named VBA with no properties to get what you have in Arena. But you can go well beyond that in Simio to actually extend the Simio engine with an easy to use custom construct and you can code this in VB.NET or any of the 50+ other .NET languages. thanks dsturrock More one question: In the Arena we have the possibility of using such a vba module (as I mentioned in previous post) so we can create an automatic way our model (modules and connection between them). in the simio we have something like that?
  10. Thanks dsturrock another question: At Arena we have the opportunity to put VBA modules between others modules and thus we can for example run an algorithm more or less complex when an entity enters in this vba module. In the simio we have something like that? Marques
  11. version 4.68,8343 there have any news on this subject?