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  1. see SchedulingBatchBeverageProduction in Examples under Support, I assume you use the newest Simio 10.
  2. Hi Ahmed, see the look aheads in the scheduling beverage batch example. Adding constraints and removing them is included there. Sure the logic is potentially complex, but it shows the idea. The important part of it is to reserve a number of downstream resources in time, so the processing can then move nicely from one step to another without waiting for each and every resource. Before and after that reservation the resources are free to use for other entities. Regards, Michal
  3. Michal

    Import Objects From Spreadsheet

    Hi Glen, is there a way to speed up the import of the objects and links ? I import now ca 350 objects, 350 links, some vertices. Half of the list are new objects for the model and the other half are the nodes of these objects which are repositioned that way. Especially repositioning these nodes takes a long time. This takes 15Minutes already. It seems like the time increase is exponential to the number of lines in the list, not linear. Thanks for any hint how to make it faster Michal
  4. Hi All, I am testing the new crane library (V6) in a small model with 1 bay and 3 bridges with cranes in it. See the model attached. It works well for a short while but then it gets stuck because of a deadlock. is there an easy way to resolve the deadlock in this model? Thanks for help Michal Test3CranesIn1Bay.spfx
  5. Michal

    Debug a Simio Add-in

    Thank you Glen, in case some of you use the Express Edition Visual Studio for developing an Addin, as I do, you will notice that the required properties under Build are not available. Probably the use of the Express Edition was not intended for debugging an App. There is a round way to that. After creating your new project in Visual Studio, close it and open the projectname.csproj.user file from the project folder in some editor like notepad, notepad ++ or anything like that. Then make sure the following code is there: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> Program C:\Program Files (x86)\Simio\Simio.exe This works for me so I hope this will work for you too. If for some reason this is not building the solution automatically then you need to experiment with the settings in your .csproj file and if successful publish this in this forum below.