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  1. For the month of June, the username of our Exceptional Simio Insider is..... *drum roll*




    What qualifies someone to be Simio Insider of the Month?


    A person who:


    Actively engages in the Simio Insider forum by providing helpful information to others.

    Provides shareable demonstration models or example code.

    Asks thought provoking question about simulation and simulation-based planning and scheduling.


    @MEagar, we will send you your certificate via email.


    Happy posting!


  2.  We recently revamped the website and I wanted to let you know of some of the great new features.

    Easier Sign In


    You can now sign in with your user name and password, LinkedIn or Microsoft Office account.

    Feature Voting Option


    You can now submit and vote for new features for Simio.  Simple submit features and vote for features in this section. You vote for previously mentioned features by using the arrow buttons.  Please limit each post to one feature.



    You can now bookmark posts by clicking the bookmark button on each post. To view your bookmarks, you just need to click your username of {member_name} in the top right and click on My Bookmarks.

    Member of the Month


    Every month, we will select our Simio Member of the Month.  This is the member who has posted the most engaging and useful posts in the past month.



    We have added a calendar of events that features upcoming trainings (such as our July Standard and our September German Basic and Advanced), trade shows and our annual conference, Simio Sync.

    Simio Insiders


    To ensure, you have the full access of our forum.  Make sure you are a Simio Insider. To see if you are, visit your profile page: {member_url}.  If you see the Simio Insider's badge, you are a member!

    As always, thanks for supporting Simio. Be sure to look out for more information on our Summer 2018 Public Release and information on Simio Sync, later this month!

    Let me know if i can be of more assistance!


  3. Simio is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Simio User Group Meeting, scheduled for May 24-25, 2017, in Pittsburgh, PA. This meeting will be very interactive and informative for current or future users of Simio’s simulation and scheduling software.

    The meeting will be held at the Drury Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh Downtown, which is a brand new hotel built in the historic Federal Reserve Bank building.

    Who Can Attend?

    Anyone currently using Simio’s simulation and scheduling software for any industry is invited to attend. Alternatively, if your company is considering using Simio software, we invite you to attend, as well, to gather more information about the product and how it can help you.

    What to Expect

    This meeting will be jam-packed with great presentations, advanced learning seminars and outstanding networking opportunities with Simio users and employees. With your registration, you will also receive meals, a book including all of the papers presented at the meeting for both days, and a special Pittsburgh themed gift!

    There will be plenty of information to go around, so if you’ve invested in Simio, you won’t want to miss this event. You’ll be able to see real user experiences and get some great feedback on how to better utilize the software to generate even greater results.

    Information for Presenters

    If you currently use Simio software and would like to present a paper at the User Group Meeting, we’d love to hear from you.

    All the paper needs is the following information:


    • A brief overview of your company

      Why you chose Simio

      The approach used in Simio

      Results achieved by using Simio


    Pricing Information

    A block of rooms are reserved. However, in order to receive the discounted rate to the hotel, you must book your room on or prior to April 20, 2017. The prices for the event itself are:


    • Early Registration (before April 14, 2017) – $50 for attendees, $40 for presenters

      Open Registration (before May 12, 2017) – $60 for attendees

      Late Registration – $100 for attendees


    Note: All presenters must be registered by April 14, 2017.

    We encourage you to attend this event so you can learn more about Simio success stories. Be sure to sign up today to secure the early registration rate. https://www.simio.com/resources/events/2017-User-Group-Meeting/

    Hope to see you there!

  4. Restaurant Production Professional - (00006882)


    The Restaurant Production Professional is responsible for documenting, maintaining and communicating specifications for restaurant equipment and systems. This role is also responsible for maintaining the information management system for restaurant equipment. Works with key stakeholders to act as a subject matter expert on organizational projects and run the business deliverables. Act as resource and liaison within Restaurant Services. Works closely with the Maintenance Service Company and Real Estate regarding equipment specifications and equipment systems integration.

    Participates as team lead within the equipment development team. Researches and develops restaurant equipment and equipment systems as directed by key stakeholders. Participates in developing recommendations for the commercialization of equipment and technical support standards.

    Works with Real Estate and approved vendors on design integration and ergonomics to ensure effective and efficient use of space to meet operational and performance standards for execution in new and existing building designs.

    Develops research and testing procedures that support programs to sustain current equipment and maximize the equipment’s useful life cycle. Supports future equipment development for improving the system based on input from Operations, Real Estate, Maintenance Services, Risk, Supply Chain and the Quality Management team.


    • Manages activities to organize and implement new equipment launches. Manages resources (time, people) that successfully execute project goals.

      Uses targeted and quantitative process for implementing equipment solutions

      Establishes release cycle for shipping deadlines and schedules.

      Communicates functional and technical standards to internal and external stakeholders.

      Directs activities for maintaining equipment within the Production Center (PC).

      Provides recommendations to key stakeholders regarding functional or technical methods to value engineer equipment to help manage initial and operational costs.

      Monitors progress of equipment rollouts and adheres to timelines. Presents status updates to key stakeholders.

      Partners with cross-functional team for issue resolution and, coordinates program and equipment development project activities.

      Works as integral participant in the technical and functional testing

      Works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the testing and monitoring processes

      Partners with key stakeholders to manage projects through any regulatory approval processes.

      Partners with the Innovation Team to ensure successful commercialization of equipment concepts. Stays current with technical regulatory and industry regulations and standards.

      Responsible for maintaining intellectual properties and the technical management systems where information is stored and accessed.

      Works with simulation and design software to maximize design opportunities

      Makes contingency plans for all equipment and program development projects, on a quarterly basis.

      Understand technical testing processes and able to utilize advanced techniques to provide leadership with recommendations

      Develops Production Planograms to support consistency within the various building design types and sales bands

      Oversees and completes New Unit Audits activities and action items needed to drive quality and consistency.



    EDUCATION: (Minimum formal education the job requires)

    • Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent combination of education and experience required


    EXPERIENCE: (Minimum experience the job requires)

    • 2-5 years related experience, preferably in the restaurant industry

      Demonstrated basic/intermediate-level ability to communicate, influence and negotiate decisions while motivating assigned staff

      Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment

      Demonstrated working knowledge of employment laws relating to employee relations and personnel administration


    KNOWLEDGE: (Level of knowledge required to perform the job effectively)

    • Proficiency in MS Office Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

      Working knowledge of WB Maintenance Services preferred

      Company Management and Operational Practices Preferred

      CAD experience a plus

      Simio Simulation Software a plus

      Revit design software knowledge a plus


    PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: (Certificate requirement appropriate to position)

    • Lean Six Sigma preferred


    Learn More: https://whataburger.taleo.net/careersection/exhomeoffice/jobdetail.ftl?job=00006882

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