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  1. Is it possible to import / tabulate work schedule patterns into Simio from another application such as Excel? (Example: I would like to take a work schedule in excel, create a binding to the excel work schedule, and finally have it automatically upload to Simio.) I can create a binding from excel for a normal table but not work schedules.
  2. Yes! You will need to use a "Table Based Work Schedule" instead of a "Pattern Based Work Schedule". You can create a Table Based Work Schedule in the Data tab, Work Schedules view, Schedule ribbon (near the top left). The data table, which may be bound to an outside source like any Simio data table, should have two DateTime columns called something like 'StartTime' and 'EndTime' along with an Integer column called something like 'CapacityValue'. You may read more about the implementation in the Simio Reference Guide (Help via the Support ribbon) "Work Schedules" topic. Happy modeling!
  3. Here is a simple utility that will export your model to a text file (pipe delimited). Then you can modify the file and import the model back in. NOTE: Currently, this utility does not handle graphics in your model. There is also has capabilities to import and export lists and networks. Here are some quick instructions on how to setup this add-in. 1) Download the "ExportImportModelAddIn_DLL.zip" 2) Extract "ExportImportModelAddIn.dll" from the "ExportImportModelAddIn_DLL.zip" into a temp folder (e.g. c:\temp). 3) Right-click the assembly and select properties. Then choose to "unblock" button and press apply. (only needed for Windows 7 and later). 4) Copy "ExportImportModelAddIn.dll" into "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Documents\SimioUserExtensions". You might need to add the SimioUserExtensions folder under MyDocuments (C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Documents) if it does not already exist. (e.g. C:\Users\GlenWirth\Documents\SimioUserExtensions). 5) Open Simio and load your model. 6) From the Project Home...Select Add-In button, select "Export Import Model" 7) Choose the function that you want to run (e.g. Export, Delete, Import, etc..). Note...If you export and then import the model without a delete, it will update the object data if the object already exist. Updated 2018-11-08....Added Export To CSV, Export To DB and Import From DB. Export To DB will create a table in the SQL Server database with the same table name as the table in Simio. Te data columns will be of type nvarchar(max) and the default value will be the same as the default value in the Simio table. It is assumed that Simio desktop will still do the data validation; not the database. This feature is used to save the Simio data into a database so it is backed up and can be shared across users. Each time the Export To DB, if the table already exists, it is dropped and a new table is created. This ensures that the data schemas match between the Simio model and the SQL Server database. Updated 2017-12-05....Fixed index issue with links import. Updated 2017-09-25....Fixed the import of lists. Updated 2017-07-14....Added the ability to auto generate and auto read files. Previously, the files need to be created prior to running the add-in. Now, they will created by the export. Also, the import will retrieve the same file generated by the export. These options are available when the "Auto Generate and Read Files" option is selected. Updated 2017-07-13....Added the ability to multi-select options. Now, more than one option can be initiated when the OK button is selected. This will streamline the process of exporting, deleting and importing. This tool is very helpful for testing out your model with various configurations to ensure that runs properly under various object and/or data configuration. Updated 2017-07-11....Now supports exporting and importing of model properties, exporting and importing of table properties and delete table data. Updated 2017-06-22....Now supports exporting and importing of data tables using using XML. This is simple way to export all the table data from one model and import the same data into a new model (assuming that the same tables schema exist in the new model). Updated 2017-01-27....Now supports exporting of object types using XML. This can be used with the new Configure Scheduling Resources in Simio 9.150 capabilities to define your own object type properties based on an XML document. Updated 2017-01-23....Now supports exporting and importing objects using XML. When using XML, property units are also exported and imported back in. Updated 2016-10-24....Updated files...Added support for repeating properties. ExportImportModelAddIn_DLL.zip ExportImportModel_Code.zip
  4. I have a subclassed vehicle that I created based on this example. After updating to 197 it doesn't work, anyone else having similar experience? I am trying to recreate my vehicle but when the operator gets to the vehicle, the vehicle disappears and the operator just stands there and nothing else happens.
  5. I'm very new to simio, so I appreciate any and all help. Learning this on my own without an instructor to help at the moment. I have the model shown below. I've defined a sequence table so that it should flow from Source1 -> TransferNode4 -> Server2 -> TransferNode3 -> TransferNode2 -> Server8 -> Sink1. It primarily follows the sequence but occasionally one will go to Server1 then hop down to Server2. Why is it doing this and is there a way to stop this? Thanks!
  6. Good day, We are currently looking for graduates located in Singapore for an internship with a Large Multinational firm. Please email resumes to mark@realdigitaltwins.com should you be interested. No previous experience required, yet will be an advantage. Mark
  7. Is it possible to run stored procedures directly from simio? I have seen that there is the DbExecute step that I can use to run an SQL-statement. Is there something similar for stored procedures?
  8. Hello, I am fairly new to Simio and having a bit of an issue trying to understand how I can create the pull down option for "ModelEntity.Row", when trying using an "Assign" step to set the Entity Weight. I hope this makes sense and I have attached a few pictures. The first is a screenshot of my process in the simulation I am working, and as can be seen I do not get an option that reads "ModelEntity.Row" and/or "ModelEntity.RowOreWaste". the last two pictures are from simulations I am using as reference when creating my process and simulation model. thank you
  9. Hi all, I was wondering, is it possible to record the time in system of entity instances and subsequently plot the values in a histogram? Of course, I can see the average, min and max values in the results tab, but I am interested in knowing what the distribution is like for model validation purposes. If it is not possible to plot the values in Simio, is it perhaps still possible to access and export the values, i.e. to a .csv document? Hopefully my question is clear. Best regards, Michkel Mariegaard
  10. Hello, I have tried to make a table with reference to two entities and their process times, but when I go to Model.Process to model Begin - SetTable - End, I can not find the SetTable step beneath all steps. I have looked at the youtube video named "Simio Simulation Sofware: Referencing entity data in Data Tables" I don't want a product mix as used in the video, because I have a rate table for each entity. The system consists of one the following, reference to the photo below:
  11. Hi, everybody!. I have a visual problem with Simio. I am doing a batch similar to the AirportTerminal example that is in the public documents of Simio. But, when I create the batch, I have the problem that I can't see the bag, so is there a way that the entity passenger and bag don't overlap? I know the two entities are overlapped, because I use a separator later en the result is the bag and the passenger. I really hope that you can help me. Have a nice day! Best, Albert.
  12. Hello everyone, I am a master's student in operations management trying my hand at Simio for the first time. I want to develop a model that simulates the delays incurred by variable supply lead times which may lead to stock-outs at a manufacturing plant. I would like to model demand so that each entity generated by a single source module corresponds to a sales order. Each order should have a probability to include orders for several specific product types (since sales orders may contain orders for different product types). As such, entities should have an arrival rate which corresponds to the arrival rate of orders at the company, and the product mix of each order should reference the probability of a given product type being included in that order (i.e. product A has 25% probability to be included, product B has 50%, etc.). Is it possible to do this? I would also like for each product type to be associated with a specific BOM. I.e., a server module should reference each entity instance to consume material as defined by the BOM’s of the products stated by the entity instance. I have defined each component as material elements and defined a BOM for each finished product that references the materials needed. However, in the server module I am only able to input a specific type of finished product as material requirements... Your help is greatly appreciated!
  13. John, I too believe Task Sequences could be very useful for your project. For example, for the multiple patient types coming in, you could utilize a Branch Type of 'Conditional' in your Task Sequence so to only use a certain workflow for that type of patient. There is a general description of Conditional and Probabilistic Branching in the Simio Reference Guide Help page titled "TaskSequence" along with some other helpful information on Task Sequences. Additionally, I recommend you take a look at the SimBits titled "Task Sequence and Worker In Table (from project Task Sequence And Worker)" and "Using Relational Tables to Define Task Resource Lists". If you investigate how Task Sequences are used in these examples, I believe you will find some methods that might help you in your modeling endeavors. If Task Sequences still do not help you achieve your goals, it would be helpful to have more details on what you are trying to do. I think writing your own steps should be resorted to later after other options have been exhausted. If you email in to support@simio.com we can continue our conversation.
  14. you can define task sequences via simio's data tables. Then, if you feed data tables externally you do not need to enter them manually. I think there are one or more simbits related to task sequences via data tables.
  15. Within a Server, Combiner or Separator object, you can specify the Process Type as 'Task Sequence' allowing you then to define any number of Processing Tasks for that Server, Combiner or Separator. The processing tasks can be serial or parallel tasks. By using parallel tasks, for example, with a different worker (nurse, PA, Doctor) required for each parallel task, the tasks are done independently, but can be done at the same time. Parallel tasks can be specified using the same Sequence Number (see Task Sequence and Task Sequence - Processing Tasks sections of Simio help). So, for example, you can have the processing tasks within a Server all have a sequence number of 10 (meaning parallel). One of them requires a Nurse for X time units, another requires a PA for Y time units and the other a Doctor for Z time units). The patient doesn't leave the Server until all 3 tasks are completed. However, if the Nurse is available to do his/her task, they will start. Likewise for the others. And the workers can move on to other tasks at other Servers (patient areas) as well when they are done.
  16. Let's say I want exactly 100 entities arrive where the arrival of each one follows a normal distribution with mean 1 hour and standard deviation of 5 minutes from the start of the simulation. How can I model that within SIMIO? The interarrival time doesn't make sense because I don't know / care what the interrarrival time between each entity is. I realize that I could randomly generate 100 normal random variables outside of SIMIO and input them all as an appointment, but I am wondering if there is a better way especially if I want to do many replications with a different set of 100 random variables each time.
  17. http://cdn2.simio.com/Simio-11.192.18835.zip
  18. Hello, I have a question regarding the compatibility between the Simio Enterprise and Team editions. Specifically, in my company we are developing using the Simio Enterprise Edition, and we would like to know the impact of sharing our models with a Client that has only the Team Edition. How does this work? Could they still open, edit and save the model we provide? What happens to Enterprise-specific functionalities in this situation? Just to be clear, I know already that these versions are compatible in the sense that, when using the Team Edition, one can open and run models that were created using the Enterprise Edition. My question relates specifically to editing/updating the simulation models, and saving them of course. Thanks in advance, and best regards, Ruben
  19. Alb

    Arrival rate

    Hello, everyone! is it possible to use a Look Up Table and Rate Table to the same time in the source in SIMIO? Let me know if you know a way to do that, please. Thanks for your help!
  20. Hello, I want to put the map of central Texas on Simio. Then, based on the cities and roads, I want to do simulation on my network. First, I click on "Set Map Location" ---> "Address" ---> "Dallas, Tx" when I click Ok, I received the following error: Could not find address 'Dallas, TX, USA'. I was wondering if you could help me. P.S: I tried latitude and longitude and also, other cities in the U.S but I got the same error. Thanks, Nadere
  21. Alb

    Arrival rate

    Thanks, Jason for your answer and your interest. The situation is the following: I have to receive an order with set amount of entities that must be completed in a specific date and hour, but I need to distribute that order in some intervals before the deadline. It means, If I have an order with 15 entities for November 3 at 8 pm, I could receive 10% of the entities at 7 pm, 50% at 7:30 pm and 40% at 8 pm. So, I have the idea to do an arrival table for the schedule of the order and a rate table for the percentages that I need. And I want to know that is possible in SIMIO to put both in the source? Thanks for your help!
  22. Hello everyone, i need some advice about how to make HQ videos in SIMIO. Is there any tutorial o something useful that i can watch or read? Please, i will highly appreciate that. Thank you...
  23. Just curious if there's an easier way to go about doing this... Long story short if I am representing multiple physical positions within capacity of a server and I create my own Gantt outside Simio, it's important for me to know WHICH resource (in this case which one of the servers) is utilized by each entity. I was trying to utilize Entity.Location.Parent.Server.Processing.Contents.IndexOfItem( Entity ) and assigning it to a state on the entity and then ultimately writing to an output table. However, this doesn't seem to be working accurately. It may be a timing issue on when this step is called, but is there a default function I'm just not aware of that could be of assistance?
  24. Hello Can simio use time series data (say from an excel file) as cost input for servers, that updates every hour?
  25. We have an opportunity for an intermediate to advanced modeller to join us for both a Simio and Operational related role. Relocation to Australia/New Zealand is a prerequisite with Visa sponsorship provided. Please note that a minimum contract duration will be in play. Should you be interested, please pm me, or send your resume with contact details to mark@masterschedulingsolutions.com All conversations will be treated as confidential. Mark
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