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Found 3 results

  1. gdrake, As I thought there had to be something pointing to the B entity, although I didn't know I could use "B1[1]" to specify an entity from the population. Thanks for the enlightenment! Now, is there some way to point to a specific entity that has a specific value on a state? At the moment I use an entity state to point to it (same approach as "entidade" state you saw on my previous model), but I would like to know if it is possible to specify it directly, something like "B1[1]"? Thanks once again!
  2. I think that I may not have been clear and my apologies for it. The suggestions gdrake gave work perfectly and thank you for it What I would like to do is to stop using that "entidade" state... Is it even possible to do that? I attached the same model with the modifications gdrake suggested and without the use of the "entidade" state for you to see the error. I also changed the names of the steps and processes to make it easy for us to understand what we're talking about. Many thanks! solution1.spfx
  3. Thank you very much, that did work. I was missing the "B.estacao.Contents.FirstItem.Entity" to specify the entity to be removed. Still, my model only works when I use the entity state "entidade" to point to the entity B. When I don't use this state and try to use "B.station" on the property "StationName" of the "Transfer2" step I get an error saying that I'm trying to reference B while the executing type is A. I understand why Simio is giving me this error but I think there has to be another way to do this without the use of the "entidade" state, am I right?
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