An Introduction to Simio for Beginners

One of the difficult aspects of modeling in 3D is drawing the physical components of your system. Simio makes this easy by incorporating a direct interface to the massive library of totally free 3D symbols available on Google warehouse. This library contains hundreds of thousands of symbols of every type imaginable. If you want a symbol for a forklift truck, worker, car, airplane, boat, machine, ATM machine, etc., -- no problem -- click on the Google button and search the library for the symbol that is perfect for your model. For example we could replace the Server symbol in our model with the following 3D graphic from Google Warehouse.

Wall-E in Simio

Interpreting results

Now that we have built our simple model, we would like to use it to gain understanding and insight into the system. We do this by setting up a set of experiments that define specific changes that we would like to evaluate, and then running those experiments to see the impact of the changes that we make on the system performance.

The following table is a summary of experiments performed with our simple model using Simio. Note that since our model contains random components we replicate the model 30 times for each scenario and then use the results from the 30 replications to compute a confidence interval for our performance measures. Note that these calculations are all performed automatically by Simio. The results clearly show the impact of variation and the tradeoff between achieving high server utilization and low wait times. Simio makes it easy to define and run different scenarios such as these and to record information on important key performance measures.

Number Replications Mean Time Between
Service Time
Service Time
Waiting Time
A 40 10 9 8/10 .90 +/- .004 38.5 +/- 2.6
B 40 10 9 6/12 .90 +/- .004 41.1 +/- 2.5
C 40 9.5 9 8/10 .94 +/- .004 70.6 +/- 6.6
D 40 9.5 9 6/12 .94 +/- .004 72.8 +/- 6.3

What makes Simio different?

Simio is a new modeling system designed to achieve three primary goals.

Simple for beginners: you can build models fast with drag and drop ease. Simio makes modeling dramatically easier by providing a new object-based paradigm that radically changes the way objects are built and used. You select objects from libraries and graphically place them in your model.

Powerful for experts: although you may start off as a beginner, as you gain experience in modeling you will want to model larger and more complex systems. You need a tool that is not just easy to learn, but flexible and powerful in the long run. With Simio you can employ multiple modeling paradigms and combine the ease of use of pre-built objects with the flexibility and power of creating your own objects.

3D for Impact: life-like 3D made easy for the first time. Create your own Models in 3D: Is there any better way to watch your model execute than to view it in 3D? Simio makes 3D animation a simple and natural part of the modeling process. For the first time you can have a truly immersive 3D experience without the added cost and complexity. You can also layout your model with realistic spatial relations that accurately mimic your real life system.

Although there are many simulation products on the market, we believe only Simio meets these three objects in a single product.

Getting started

To get started with Simio contact us for a personal on-line demonstration of the software. We will lead you through the process of building a model and answer your questions on how to use the software to improve your business performance.

We also offer both public and on-site training classes that cover both the simulation process and model building with Simio. We can also tailor our training to meet your specific needs, or arrange for consulting services to assists you with your project.

With Simio you are buying not just a product but a team that is dedicated to your success. Simio is led by Dr. C. Dennis Pegden who founded Systems Modeling (now Rockwell) and pioneered the development of the widely used simulation products SLAM, SIMAN, and Arena. Simio is backed by a seasoned international team of experts that have a long and proven track record in simulation modeling.

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