Rapid modeling with Flow Library

Details of the Free Webinar:

Recorded: July 15, 2021 - 9:00 AM ET (1:00 PM UTC)

Speakers: Willem Daling, Hulda Viljoen (Simulation Engineering Technologies)

Topic: Rapid modeling with Flow Library

Webinar Overview:

The Simio Flow Library is a valuable addition to Simio that allows users to model several applications faster and easier compared to using the Simio Standard Library.  In this webinar, Simulation Engineering Technologies will expand on how the Simio Flow Library is used to deliver the best product to our customers.

The Flow Library is especially useful when modeling bulk materials handling and high volume operations.  We discuss how we created a custom flow library that meets our requirements and how Simio API was used to add metallurgical functionality to Simio.  In addition, we will share some of our experiences on approaching flow modeling, highlight key features and share some case studies.

Company Overview:

Simulation Engineering Technologies (SET) is a leader in creating computer simulation models of complex systems. SET has over 60 years of collective experience in utilizing simulation studies for capacity planning, decision support and cost savings.  Learn more at: http://www.setec.co.za.

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