Why do factories need simulation and risk-based scheduling?

Details of the Free Webinar:

Recorded: February 4, 2021 - 9:00 AM ET (2:00 PM UTC)

Speakers: Tolga Yanasik (Dijitalis)

Topic: Why do factories need simulation and risk-based scheduling?

Webinar Overview:

With the advent of Industry 4.0 technologies, digital twins are in rising demand for the purpose of distilling insights out of the ocean of collected data. Simio Digital Twin technology brings with it the power of simulation and scheduling. In this webinar we will present practical reasons to show why this approach is the best path for the success of a production facility.

Company Overview:

Dijitalis was founded in 2006 as a company to provide digital twin software and services to the industry. Today with its experienced engineering staff, Dijitalis has become one of the leading consulting companies in the EMEA region. Deriving its name from Digital Enterprise Simulations, Dijitalis is helping many industry leaders to elevate their planning capabilities from a silo based local point of view to an integrated and holistic supply chain view. Dijitalis team has extensive understanding and experience on planning and scheduling as well as creating complex digital twin models for simulation purposes. Dijitalis has successfully completed more than 300 projects in automotive, consumer goods, aerospace and defense, logistics and retail industries.

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About the Presenter

Based in Istanbul/Turkey, Tolga Yanasik completed his B.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. After +15 years of engineering career with the responsibilities of production and logistics process design, simulation and optimization, he founded Dijitalis. Currently working as the managing director, he has led major projects on facility layout planning, planning and scheduling, supply chain network and logistics system design with industry leading companies in the EMEA region.