Release 3, Sprint 43

This sprint was mainly focused on improving the execution speed. We are not yet done, so we have not done any detailed analysis yet, but you may already notice improved speed in many different areas. In addition the following changes were made:

Model Initialization

Improved model initialization especially regarding the use of Monitor and StateStatistic elements and states of dynamic objects.

Table Binding

We enhanced binding in two ways. First, we now show information about what data source the table is bound to. Second, if the bound file isn’t found (like if you open the project on a computer with a different directory structure), then we will now also look next to the project file for a file of the same name. This should make it easier to deploy solutions with bound data.

Error Messages

The text and format of many error messages have been improved to clarify and help resolve the problem.

New SimBit

RoutingWithoutPaths illustrates how to move entities directly from node to node without traveling on a link.