Release 2, Sprint 35

This sprint provides a few new features, but was again highly focused on architectural changes and robustness. It continues work enhancing the Simio API and solves situations found in our internal release related to the changes to file formats.


Copy/Paste now supports copying spreadsheets to/from many new constructs.

Search step

Search step now allows searching of table rows in addition to the various lists of objects. In addition to the general purpose benefits, this makes initialization of WIP in objects easier to do.


Startup modes allow handling of situations when you have trouble getting Simio to work correctly on a new system. Such problems are usually due to problem with the machine's graphics hardware and software. Starting in Safe Mode disables graphics acceleration in hardware. Starting in OpenGL Mode changes from DirectX to OpenGL to work around some systems that have limited DirectX support. While these offer help in working around computer problems, we recommend consulting our on-line knowledgebase for other tips on solving the problems.


In the 'General' category properties of an object, there is now a new Size And Location category. A new Current Size Index feature is now also provided. This property specifies the optional name of a state variable that indexes into the object's associated symbol list, and whose value will automatically resize the object to match the size of the indexed symbol.

Material Quantity

The Quantity Available state of a Material element may now be directly assigned using the Assign step, as an alternative to using the Produce and Consume steps to produce or consume available material quantities.

Pivot Table

The Pivot Table has been enhanced to display the words Infinity, Correlated, Insufficient, and NaN (Not a Number) when appropriate based on the observations and the calculations being performed. Floor Labels can now be drawn inside a symbol to make it easy to label different symbols that may change during a run.

You can now reorder properties within a list of property definitions in an object by selecting Move Up/Move Down from the ribbon.

We added 3 SimBits:

UsingButtonsToAffectSystem illustrates how to add buttons to your facility view to allow easy user interaction and control during a run.

DefineEntityProperties shows how to define and use additional custom properties on an entity.

WorkstationWithMaterialConsumptionAndReplenish illustrates how to implement automatic material replenishment policies in a model that consumes materials.


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