Release 2, Sprint 33

This sprint we did some minor enhancements and bug fixes, plus a great deal of work in two large areas which will require additional work before they are fully usable.

View Step Parameters in Processes

If you hover the mouse over any step, a pop-up will show all parameters that do not have their default values. This, in combination with the Process Description, Step Name, and Step Description, makes it much easier to quickly understand what a process is doing and how it works.

Confidence Level and Batch Means

The confidence level is used to calculate confidence interval half-width statistics for result averages across replications or batches.

  • Added a default confidence level to experiments so you can select the confidence level appropriate to your experimentation. Also added a default number of replications.
  • Changed TimeInSystem tally on the Sink object to use default confidence level.
  • Now, whenever a single replication is run in an experiment, all TallyStatistics and StateStatistics defined by the user or defined in the library (e.g. TimeInSystem on the Sink) will use an internal batch means technique to calculate a confidence level that is reported as an additional row of data (Half Width) for that statistic. Multiple replications will continue to calculate a crossreplication confidence interval (Half-Width) in a separate column.

Copy and Paste

The ability to Copy and Paste has been added to almost every construct. More related enhancements such as being able to select multiple objects before copying are still in process.

Automation/Programming API

An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program to enable interaction with other software. Simio has had a small and growing API for quite a while. We have just started on a major project to expand and complete this interface. It is still incomplete and only lightly documented, but adventuresome souls can get a sneak peek at the evolving API. When complete this will add significant capabilities for interfacing Simio to other programs for data exchange, optimization, Simio controlling or being controlled by another program, and lots more.


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