Simio Release 1.0, Sprint 28

Resource States

Simio will now automatically track and report TimeInState statistics for the standard Resource, Server, Combiner and Separator objects. (e.g. Time Failed, Time Starved, Time Idle, etc).

  • These statistics are recorded because of a new type of State that was added to Simio, called Lists States. These record statistics on the time that a state was a certain value. A user can also add a List State to their custom objects and set these to automatically change value based on the Resource state of the objects into which they are placed. This allows a user to easily record basic resource statistics, such as Time Busy, Time Idle, Time Failed, etc.
  • The Status Pie Charts can now plot the values of these List States. Therefore, if Resource State is selected in the Status Pie, the chart will display the values of the Time Failed, Time Blocked, etc. of that object.

Dynamic Selection Rules

We have added new dynamic selection rules for doing campaigns (e.g. a series of related selections).

For example Campaign Up would allow selection of the same or next higher size. This also includes Campaign Down and Campaign Cycle. These new dynamic selection rules can be found on the standard Resource object, Server object and WorkStation object. They can also be applied in the Routing Group element.

Set a Token or Object to Reference Multiple Tables

A token or agent can now be bound to multiple data tables using the SetTable step. Properties from two different tables can be referenced from the same entity and even within in a single expression.

New Location Property for Objects

A Location property was added to facility objects, which allow a user to explicitly specify an object’s specific location in space (its height off the ground, for example).

  • The Location property has an X value, Y value and Z value so the user can indicate exactly where this object should be placed within the Facility Window.


  • We have added a new SimBit (SimpleTank.spf) demonstrating how to model tank filling and emptying by using a Level State.

General Improvements

  • The modeling of entity congestion on paths has been optimized. Models that have very intensive entity accumulation on paths may run more than 50% faster.
  • We have improved statistics handling to make them clearer as well as fixing how some “corner cases” were handled in experiment processing.
  • We have added a new Step behavior. When you are viewing the Process window, the default is to move to the next process step. When you are viewing other windows the default is now to move to the next entity transfer (a larger step size that is more intuitive when viewing the animation).
  • The positions of link vertices (interim points between end points) may now be adjusted.
  • Pie charts are improved by adding a legend and percentages on each wedge.
  • When the facility window is resized, the zooming behaves more intuitively.




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