Learning Simio Fundamentals

Simio University: Learning Simio Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of simulation and Simio. This course, licensed per individual user, is ideal for users from novice to experienced: whether you are new to simulation, need a refresher, or you want to fill in the gaps from being self-taught, we think you will find this course to be a valuable asset to your Simio and simulation knowledge.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to Simulation
  • Introduction to Simio & Success Tips
  • Introduction to Animation
  • Simio Modeling Framework
  • Simio Standard Library Fixed Object
  • Balking and Reneging
  • Task Sequences
  • Controlling Movement
  • Material Handling
  • Working with Model Data
  • Process Logic
  • Debugging Tools and Techniques
  • Optimizing with OptQuest
  • Building Custom Object Definitions

The content and materials that compose this course have been refined over years of teaching Simio and simulation. Many of the topics in this course are instructed by Dr. Jeff Smith, a professor and practitioner, who has decades of experience teaching and solving problems with simulation.

To call this a new set of videos is an understatement – it is a whole new way of learning Simio. Unlike most of our previous videos, this content is designed with commercial users in mind, based on the results of teaching thousands of users in live courses.
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