Learning Simio Fundamentals of RPS

Simio University: Learning Simio Fundamentals of RPS

In this course, you will learn about the Simio methodology of using simulation for planning and scheduling applications: risk-based planning and scheduling (RPS). This course is designed for those Simio users with an appreciation for and understanding of advanced simulation and Simio topics. We think you will find this course to be a valuable asset to your Simio and simulation/RPS knowledge. Please note: This course does not include workshops submissions, quizzes, nor Online Learning Guidance (OLG).

NOTE: This course is in active development; we will do our best to ensure an uninterrupted and stimulating learning experience. By accepting your enrollment in this course, you agree to the end-user license agreement.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to RPS
  • ISA95 Templates
  • Dispatching
  • Material Flow & Campaigning
  • Labor Work Schedules & Secondary Resources
  • Reporting: Planning Gantts & Dashboard Reports
  • Equipment Work Schedules & Experimentation
  • Valid Resources
  • Full Factory

This course is based on Simio's 12.209 software release. The content and materials that compose this course have been refined over years of teaching Simio and simulation. The modules in this course are instructed by an array of Simio employees, who collectively have numerous years of experience teaching and solving problems with simulation.